My Personal Beachbody 21 Day Fix Review and Results

My 21 Day Fix Personal Experience

I started the 21 Day Fix when I was first cleared to work out after my first child, approximately eight weeks after delivery due to some post-partum complications. I was so worried that as a brand new mom, I wouldn’t be able to find time to get to the gym as I had previously done (and I was right!). What I love about the 21 Day Fix is that it works for anyone. I have considered myself an athlete my whole life – I’ve run marathons, raced in triathlons, and played college soccer. So, I had a false perception that I wouldn’t be challenged with home workout videos. Autumn Calabrese, creator of 21 Day Fix, proved me wrong. The 21 Day Fix is a home DVD workout program and nutrition program through Beachbody that helps people to either lose weight, maintain weight, become more toned, gain more energy, etc. Whatever your goal is, this will help you get there.


There are a total of eight different workouts that are designed to hit all the major muscle groups of your body to help you reach your health and fitness goals.


They include two cardio workouts (one with weights, one with just your bodyweight), a total body workout incorporating weights, an upper and lower body workout, Pilates, yoga, and plyometrics. During the 21 days you do one workout a day. They are incredibly effective, fun, & you can modify as suits your needs. Best of all, it’s just 30 minutes long. For me as a brand-new mom, this was huge.


The nutrition plan is easy to follow and incorporates color-coded portion containers designed so that you can easily keep track of how many portions you need each day of the essential food groups (yes to carbs & healthy fats!!, protein, veggies, fruits, seeds/nuts, and good oils). There is no calorie counting or guesswork. It’s pure and simple clean eating where you avoid added sugars, processed foods, or anything with preservatives, artificial flavors/sweeteners, etc. It is the farthest thing from a diet. In fact, most of my challengers say the exact words, “I don’t feel like I’m dieting.” And, it’s because you’re not. You are making healthy choices with the right portion sizes.  You can still have coffee, carbs, fats, and a few "cheats" a week. You can even have wine a few times a week if you like wine! I love the eating plan. I am consistently full throughout the day, as the goal is to eat six small meals a day.


One of the biggest things that my challengers and I have learned is that healthy and clean eating can taste absolutely delicious.


After one round of the 21 Day Fix, I had lost about five pounds and was back to my pre-pregnancy weight. I was ecstatic. Best of all, though, my energy was through the roof. I had fewer cravings. I felt better than I had in a long time. I realized that prior to the 21 Day Fix I wasn’t eating nearly enough calories or protein. This program really taught me to appreciate food, pay attention to what I was eating, and, best of all, develop a more healthy relationship with food and my body.