And… he’s back! I cannot tell you how excited I am for this program as one of my FAVORITE trainers has created a program that without a doubt will whip me back into shape just after my next birthday!

Who is the trainer?!
What is the program? 

Well, you’ve probably gathered that from the title of this blog. HA! But keep reading anyway!

Ironically, it seems that this super trainer knows just when I need him in my life — on my postpartum journey! 

The 1st program I ever did of Joel Freeman’s was 4 months after having my 2nd child, Jameson — Core de Force was a 30-day, no equipment required program, combining kickboxing style workouts with bodyweight resistance training. I actually loved the program so much that I got certified as a Core de Force instructor!

Core De Force Before/After

Then, in 2018, my middle kiddo was born, and about 5 months after I had him, I began Joel’s next program — LIIFT4! This program combined strength training & HIIT and continues to be one of my most favorite programs! It is one that I have completed multiple times and keep going back to! This 4 day/week program helped transform my body more than I could have hoped for!

LIIFT4 Before/After

I have no doubt that these 2 are my favorite programs because of the trainer. Joel Freeman is motivating, he coaches you on proper technique, and he has a style of training that is FUN, challenging, and effective. 

So, needless to say, I am THRILLED for Joel to once again whip my booty into shape — this time, after having our twins Camden & Chloe (born November 14, 2019) — with his new program: 10 Rounds!

Plus, 10 Round launches the day after my 35th bay — I’d say that’s a pretty great birthday gift! 

What is 10 Rounds?

10 Rounds is Beachbody’s newest program to release April 6th is a program that mixes boxing and weight training.

This program is considered an Intermediate Level workout, perfect for anyone looking to lean out, tone their body, burn massive calories, and increase agility. Each workout is low-impact making it accessible to most, yet it’s still high-intensity!

Low impact is great for ANYONE, but I find it’s particularly beneficial to postpartum mamas who are looking to regain strength in their core and pelvic floor muscles without jumping immediately into a high impact workout. 

How much time will you need?

10 Rounds is 6 weeks long with 5 workouts/week and each workout is SHORT yet impactful.

  • 6 weeks long
  • 5 workouts/week
  • 30–40 minutes/day
  • 2 rest & recover days

The shorter length and 2 days off each week make it perfect for busy/working mamas like me — or anyone that’s short on time!

Do you need special boxing equipment to do 10 Rounds?

NO — the style of boxing training in 10 Rounds is called “shadowboxing” and it doesn’t require any equipment! 

No heavy punching bag 
No speed bag 
No boxing gloves
No sparring partner

So, during the boxing style workouts, you won’t need any boxing equipment. Just you and a pair of sneakers and you’re ready to go! 

You might be wondering: “What is shadowboxing?”

Think of shadowboxing as sparring with an invisible partner!

What can you expect during the workouts?

During each week you’ll have different types of workouts:

  • 3 days of boxing
  • 2 days of weightlifting

On the 3 boxing days…

You’ll get a total-body workout! You’ll incorporate the fundamental punches like jab, cross, hook, uppercut, with defensive moves like slip & roll. But it’s not all about the upper body — there will be a lot of footwork as well. Expect a hardcore calorie burn!

These are combined with conditioning drills to build power, speed & agility, and endurance!

On the 2 weight training days...

Each of the 2 days of weight lifting will focus on a different part of the body: upper body, and lower body. These workouts will focus on muscular endurance training, meaning it’s not about how heavy you can lift, and more about how many reps you can make it though! 

What equipment is required for a 10 Rounds workout?

As mentioned above, there are 2 types of workouts in the 10 Round program: boxing workout days & weightlifting days. And you’ll need different equipment for each workout: 

Equipment Needed for Boxing Days:

  • Nothing! 

Equipment for Weight Training Days:

  • Light, Medium, & Heavy Dumbells

There’s also an option to add Beachbody Resistance Loops for an added challenge! 

The exact size of the weights you need will depend on your current strength. Not sure what you’ll need? Feel free to reach out to me and we can talk about it before you get started! 

When can you start 10 Rounds?

  • March 16- April 5th: Exclusive Coach VIP access window (don’t worry, if you don’t have a Coach account yet, we can get this for ya so that you can be a part of Joel’s exclusive Coach test group as well as my exclusive accountability group!) 
  • April 6th: VIP early access beings & Customer Launch 
  • October 1: Available to ALL BOD members

How can you best prepare for 10 Rounds?

If you’d like to prep for this program before it releases on April 6th, we can get you started ASAP with some of Joel’s other programs. Though it hasn’t been released yet, there is often a prep calendar launched the month prior to help you get ready to jump right into a new program so that you can be best prepared and most successful!

Want to get started preparing with a group of other amazing women?! Or just want to be ready when sales open up?! Fill out the form below and let’s do it!

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