Why, oh WHY did this nutrition plan have to come out AFTER my 4 pregnancies?! Lol! 2B Pregnant would have been a dream to have around while I was pregnant — especially during my first pregnancy when I had no clue what I was supposed to be eating!

You always hear the phrase “eating for two,” but you don’t really fully understand what that entails until you become pregnant — it’s so much more than just eating more.

Nutrition during pregnancy means…

  • Eating the right number of calories — approximately 300 extra each day.
  • Consuming the right type of calories — there’s a difference between a 200 calorie brownie and 200 calories of whole wheat bread.
  • Getting the right amount of protein — about 20-25% of your daily calorie intake should be coming from protein. (And even MORE is necessary when pregnant with twins!)
  • Not going overboard with carbs — too many carbohydrates can put you at risk for gestational diabetes.
  • Learning to have a healthy relationship with fats — healthy fats are important to your baby’s development, in fact, 25-35% of your daily calories should come from healthy fats!
  • And so so soooo much more — I’m talking about paying attention to things like fiber, sodium, artificial sweeteners, calcium, and more!

(Source for above recommendations: UCSF Health)

So, having a meal plan to guide you through this process can make it feel a whole lot less overwhelming! And that’s why 2B Pregnant is here…

What is 2B Pregnant?

2B Pregnant is a spin-off of Beachbody’s popular 2B Mindset nutrition program — a mindfulness-based approach to dieting. (Learn all about 2B Mindset here)

The creator and Registered Dietitian, Ilana Muhlstein, created this program while she was pregnant with her 3rd baby! And she used these same guidelines, tips, and tools throughout her own pregnancy.

What sets 2B Pregnant apart from other pregnancy meal plans?

2B Pregnant doesn’t just focus on what you should or shouldn’t be eating! It dives into all of those questions and worries that may be running through your mind. Things like… 

  • Managing those crazy (and usually not very healthy) pregnancy cravings.
  • How to get through the nausea, constipation, and indigestion
  • Getting over the fear of “losing your body” or feeling like you’re “letting yourself go”
  • Guidance on how to manage emotional eating at a time when your emotions feel like they’re running wild.
  • How to eat well when even when the nausea is getting the best of you.
  • Trackers to help you stay organized and deal with that “pregnancy brain.”
  • And even tools to help set you up for your postpartum journey!

Want to Try 2B Pregnant with a Little Extra Support?

Whether this is your first pregnancy or 5th, I’d love to help you keep your nutrition on track and support you through your pregnancy. I have an online health & fitness community filled with other moms and moms-to-be, and I’d love for YOU to be a part of it! It’s a place for you to ask questions, find support, and make a few new friends!

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