645 is Amoila Cesar’s 2nd program with Beachbody and it’s one I’m probably looking forward to even more than his 1st program, 6 Week of THE WORK (which I was super pumped for when it was released!) 

I am really excited to have a program to follow all summer long to help me stay on track. I know summer is full of distractions, easy to “fall off the wagon,” and having a brand new program to look forward to each morning is just what I need!

Plus, I absolutely LOVE Amoila! He is real, genuine, has LOADS of experience, and will push you in the best way possible! You will accomplish so much more than you ever imagined you could — I know I did the first time I completed his program!

And, this time, he’s created a program that he truly believes is the best program he’s ever created — and that is saying a lot considering he’s trained countless professional athletes!

Check it out… 

What is Beachbody’s 645 Workout?

This program has been designed for anyone and everyone! It’s a workout meant to help you build strength while losing weight, it will push you yet you’ll end each workout feeling empowered and energized, NOT defeated or exhausted! It combines strength training, cardio, and mobility in a new and unique way. With 4 different phases, you will gradually build and complete the program stronger than you have ever been.

I have many close friends who were lucky enough to be in the Coach Test Group and the results are MIND. BLOWING. (Check out their 645 results at the bottom of this blog!) These Test Group participants have truly transformed from the inside out! They’ve described it as the best program they have ever done — and many of them have been using Beachbody workout for 5+ years!

Want to get a taste of what 645 is all about before you commit?

You can try a Full-Length Sample Workout right now! All you need to do is create a free account if you don't have one yet and hit play to get started!

But it’s not just the workouts that made an impact: your nutrition plays a huge role in 645. And this program introduces the option to follow an intermittent fasting plan! (Again, this is totally optional, not required!)

Okay, let’s break it down now...

645 Program Breakdown:

  • Trainer: Amoila Cesar
  • Who is it for: Beginner (following modifications) to Advanced Level
  • Program Length: 13 weeks
  • Daily Commitment: 45 minutes, 6 days/week
  • Equipment Needed: Light, Medium & Heavy Dumbells, Power Loops
  • Best For: Building strength, improving agility, losing weight
  • Release Date: Available as soon as July 6th 2021

How much time will you need to do these workouts?

For a total of 13 weeks you’ll workout 6 days/day for 45 minutes! (Hence, 6-4-5) Sundays are your free day, but we’ll touch on this more below!

  • 45 minutes/day
  • 6 days/week
  • 13 weeks long

And I know that 13 weeks sounds like a BIG commitment, but don’t let it scare you away! 

Here’s what I love about the length: You’ll have 13 weeks of workouts 100% planned out for you — no guessing games, no wondering what to do next. For 13 weeks you can simply open your laptop or turn on your TV (or however you access Beachbody On Demand) press play, and you’ll progress through the program! It’s simple.

What type of workout is 645?

This workout plan is all about helping you reach YOUR peak, which is something that looks different for everyone. And that’s also why this program combines a little bit of everything: strength training, cardio, and mobility/flexibility. 

The program is broken down into 4 different stages…

Stages 1, 2, & 3

The first 3 stages are each 4 weeks long. During weeks 1-3 of each stage, you’ll gradually change up your reps and weights as you progress to more challenging workouts. Then, on week 4 of each of these stages, the workouts are designed to be easier — this way, your body is able to recover a little before you progress to the next stage!

Stage 4

Week 13 is your final stage of the program! Stage 4 is 1 week of really giving it your all and putting all the work you’ve done to practice! You’ll get to see how far you’ve progressed and prove that you can do hard things!

What will your week look like during the program?

M/Tu/Th/F = Strength Training

During these 4 days your main focus will be on strength training, power, and hypertrophy — this is working out with the goal of increasing muscle strength and volume. You’ll lift heavier weights with low reps and lighter weights with higher reps to work your muscles in different ways. 

But, ladies, DO NOT worry about bulking up — you’ll look and feel strong, which is an amazing feeling, and I can 100% guarantee that you will not feel like a bodybuilder after this. HA! Trust me, I used to have this fear, too, but I’ve learned that it takes a TON of work to “bulk up,” this 13-week program is simply going to give you lean, strong muscles!

Wednesday = Mobility & Stability

After 2 days of training in a row, it’s time to help your body to recover & repair.. These workouts will focus on stretching to create flexibility and activating your muscles to improve stability and balance!

Saturday = Cardio

Oh, cardio — you either love it or hate it. Personally, I used to be a total cardio junky and still LOVE it! But if you’re not a cardio fan you’ll be glad to know that only 1 day/week focuses strictly on cardio. This is a high-energy cardio session that will build speed and agility and gets calories and fat burning!

Sunday = Your Day Off!!

If you’re feeling up for it, you can press play on a bonus recovery video for a relaxing guided stretch. This is just something to help your muscles continue to recover and prepare for the upcoming week. 

What equipment will you need for 645?

The workout equipment is pretty simple — and there’s no pull up bar needed (I know that was an issue for some that wanted to do The Work! So, what workout equipment is required? 

Required Equipment:

  • Light, Medium, & Heavy Dumbells
  • Power Loops

Optional Equipment:

  • Mat (for added comfort during floor workouts)
  • Foam Roller (for bonus recovery videos)

How heavy should your weights be? The weight of dumbbells you choose will be based on your current strength and will vary greatly for everyone! If you’re not sure, feel free to reach out to me and I can help you figure it out!

What are Power Loops? The Power Loops are a new piece of equipment for this program — they’re different from the Resistance Loops you might be familiar with from past programs like 80 Day Obsession. The Power Loops have a wider band and have a more grippy texture helping to prevent them from slipping during use! And there are only 2 resistance options: grey for lighter resistance, black for more resistance.

I highly, highly, recommend getting the new Power Loops (even if you have the old Resistance Loops) — the old Resistance Loops ALWAYS rolled up on me, and depending on the move, I often spent more time adjusting them than working out. LOL! Plus, there’s a good chance that if you’re getting a Challenge or Completion Pack, they’ll be included anyway!

What is the nutrition plan like for 645?

You’ll actually have the option to choose from 2 different premium nutrition programs — one that’s mindfulness-based, one that’s centered around portion control. (Both will be included at no extra cost with your challenge pack purchase!) Tap the button below to discover both nutrition plans.

As I mentioned earlier, there will also be an optional intermittent fasting plan that you can follow! Amoila Cesar has used intermittent fasting for years and will be sharing tips, strategies, and tools with us to use this method of nutrition to enhance our performance and truly feel our best. I’m so excited to go all-in with it!

What type of results can you expect from 645?

Check out these amazing 645 transformations below!

Is 645 right for you?

  • Would you like to look and feel strong and confident?
  • Do you want to feel energized throughout the day even after you complete a tough workout?
  • Would you like to feel more agile running around with your kiddos? (Or chasing them down when they run off. LOL!) 
  • Are you looking for a fitness plan that will progress with you over time?
  • Do you feel like you’re stuck in a rut of doing programs that are 30 days or 3-weeks and then not knowing what to do next?
  • Do you want to really dial in on your nutrition?

Then the 645 program might be made for you!

When can you get started?

You can get access to 645 as soon as July 6th, 2021 with VIP Access! 

Friendly reminder: You DO NOT need to be a Team Beachbody Coach or current customer to get your hands on the VIP Access to any of our programs. All you have to do is contact me for guidance and I’ll help you get started!

Ready to commit with me?! Fill out the form below and I’ll help you get you the tools & access to this program. You’ll get plugged into my first ever test group experience for this program & access to weekly meal plans, direct access to me for any questions, and so much more!

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