Released January 15th, 2018, 80 Day Obsession is Beachbody’s newest program that focuses building a strong, fit body, burning fat, strengthening that booty, and seeing those abs you’ve been longing for! This is a 13-week program, one of the longest yet. WOO!

Initially, Autumn Calabrese (Super Trainer and 21 Day Fix creator) and Carl Daikeler (CEO of Beachbody) wanted to create a program intended to target the core and butt—after all, isn’t that most everyone’s problem areas?! Autumn said YES, but she wanted to create a program that not only targets the core and booty, but gives people a program that will transform their entire body and mind. She wants people to feel confident, strong and healthy. And that’s exactly what this program will do for you!

The Basics

  • Currently Streaming on BOD
  • Difficulty Level: Advanced (See below how I can help you prep for this!)
  • Program Length: 13 Weeks
  • Workouts: 6 Days/Week (Rest Sundays)
  • Type of Workouts: Combines Cardio & Strength
  • Required Equipment: Portion containers, Weights, Slides, Loops, and Mat
  • Meal Plan: Timed-Nutrition using Portion Fix Containers

The Workouts

There are 3 “Phases,” each "Phase" (month) has a different workout schedule—6 workout days and 1 rest day. These will include total body, booty, cardio, AAA (Arms, Abs & A*$), leg day, and more cardio. Sunday is your built-in rest day! Each of these workouts range from 35 minutes to 60 minutes.

What equipment will I need?

  • Hand weights in a range of sizes*
  • Fitness slides/gliders
  • Resistance loops
  • Fitness or yoga mat

*In A Little Obsessed (the 80 Day Obsession sneak peak), I used mostly 8-15 pound weights, but we plan on getting the BowFlex adjustable weights for 80 Day Obsession. The test group participants said that even the women were using up to 45 pounds at the tail end of the program. Talk about STRENGTH!

Also, a quick note on the loops... you may want more than one set! You may need to double up on colors and coaches in the test group mentioned that they have broken at times. As of December 14th, these will be available through Beachbody. Let me know if you’d like help getting them ordered!

Also, be sure to ask your Coach which size bands you should use, as there are a variety of sizes. The bands come in a variety of colors and resistances. And. They. Are. AWESOME.

The Gliders are currently available from Beachbody, you can order your set here.

What Makes 80 Day Obsession Different?

Autumn specifically wanted to create a program that would parallel what she might do when working 1:1 with a client as a personal trainer. Each workout builds on one another and each week builds upon the previous. She wanted to step it up a notch by using different equipment, progressive, and longer workouts and a 13-week program to see real results!

Each month will get progressively harder. You're not doing the same workouts 7 days/week on repeat. For me, this is huge—I’m all about variety. It’s what I love so much about Beachbody on Demand: I’ve never been bored. There are endless challenges and fun workouts to choose from!

As I mentioned in my previous blog, it truly feels as if you are working out in a group class with one of the best fitness trainers in the entire world. I’m not kidding. During A Little Obsessed (and 80 Day Obsession), the workouts were filmed LIVE… So, you feel like you’re right there alongside the other people working out. Autumn does an amazing job of explaining and demonstrating the moves, motivating, and inspiring you and giving pointers as to how to maximize your results with each move.

Most personal trainers charge $100-150/hour. And you get her for 80 days—think of how much that would cost you!! Instead, you get her as your personal trainer for just $99 through Beachbody On Demand!

Check out some of the results from the Test Group:

The 80 Day Obsession Meal Plan

The full details have not yet been announced, but Autumn has shared that the idea of the nutrition is based on timed-nutrition. What does this mean? Getting the right foods at the exact right time to help boost your metabolism, increase your energy levels, be most effective in your workouts, and ultimately, help you achieve incredible results!

The Portion Fix containers (color coded portion containers for each important food group) play a significant role. (Similar to 21 Day Fix for those of you who are familiar with that meal plan). But the 80 Day Obsession nutrition plan will specify exactly what time you will eat specific containers.

You no longer have to guess or plan the timing of your meals. You will know exactly which foods you need pre and post workout, and the specific timing (ie: 30 minutes prior, within 30 minutes after, etc). It eliminates the guesswork! Autumn makes every part of this nutrition plan EASY to follow. Plus, you also get what is called "refeed" days, which apparently gives you a little more flexibility in what you eat to re-boost your energy stores and body!

What I love about this program, is that from what I’ve heard, most people felt like they were eating a TON! Eat more to produce better results. So often, too many people are on “diets” that are severely restricting calories and therefore, depleting your system of energy stores and the reserves it needs to help you get fit and strong. This is about a HEALTHY lifestyle. A sustainable lifestyle. Getting OBSESSED with your health and how amazing you feel!

Many have asked about alcohol...

It’s actually not allowed in this program. WHAT?! I know. Initially, my husband said, “there is no way.” HA! But he finally caved and said he’d do it!

After not having alcohol for 9 months in pregnancy (for me), what’s 80 more days? ;)

Performance Line

As part of the nutrition plan, trainer Autumn Calabrese recommends the Performance Line. Our pre-workout, Energize, is consumed 30 minutes prior to our workout, Recover is consumed 10 minutes after the workout, and then Recharge right before bed.

And my oh my, have the test group results been INCREDIBLE with these amazing & challenging workouts, dialed in nutrition and top of the line products to help you be most effective in your workouts & help with muscle recovery!

My husband and I will BOTH be using the Performance Line to boost our results. This is the first time I will commit to them in their entirety!

How to Prepare for 80 Day Obsession

This is NOT a beginner program by any means, but that doesn't mean that you'll have to sit this one out, not at all! I am going to help you get ready for it! Because trust me, based on what I’ve seen in A Little Obsessed and the results from 80 Day Obsession, this is a program that you do not want to miss! All this means is that you need to start preparing now before you jump into this program.

Best workouts to prepare for 80 Day Obsession:

  1. 21 Day Fix
  2. Chisel calendar from Hammer and Chisel
  3. 21 Day Fix Extreme
  4. A Little Obsessed

The above workouts were suggested by Autumn Calabrese, and having done each of these myself, I can safely say that the schedule above will definitely give you the foundation to crush the program!

Be a Part of MY Challenger Test Group!

This program is currently available on Beachbody On Demand, and I host monthly challenge groups where you can meet others with the same motivation, gain accountability, health tips, and more!

I’ll share recipes ideas, help you stay on track, keep you accountable, and hope to inspire and motivate you every single one of those 80 days! It doesn’t matter where you are in your health and fitness journey, what matters is that you’re ready for a big change in your life. In your health. In your fitness. In your mindset.

Even if you don't feel ready for 80 Day Obsession YET, fill out the form below and I'll help you prepare!

This group is open to EVERYONE in the US, UK, and Canada not already working with another Beachbody Coach. Are you ready to break that plateau? Are you ready to get strong & fit?

If you’re asking “why an accountability group?”

Some will say you don’t need a “group” to be successful in a health and fitness journey, and for some, that may be true. For me, my health and accountability groups are what keep me on track. Each of my challengers inspires me daily! On the days I don’t feel like pushing play (or I think about hitting snooze), I remember all of the others who are working hard on their own journeys. They keep me dialed in. I think of them when I make healthy food choices. I am not just the Coach, I am the Challenger—I’m right in the trenches with the others in my group!

Are you ready to break that plateau?
Are you ready to get strong & fit?
Are you ready to get obsessed with your health & fitness?

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