I’ll be honest, last summer when they announced that the first program launching in 2020 was going to be a barre program…. I was a little disappointed.

Don’t get me wrong, I knew it would be a successful, challenging program. I knew there would be a HUGE market for it — women who love barre already and would be pumped about being able to do it at home for a fraction of the cost!

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But was Barre Blend for me?

I wasn’t so sure...

My typical preferred style of workout is high-intensity interval training (HIIT) with lots of cardio and a good mix of weight lifting thrown in. And I DO NOT consider myself a dancer or very graceful. Ha!

So, a low-impact ballet-inspired program?
And one that only required 1-3lb weights?
I was skeptical about whether I’d like it!

But, I needed a low-impact workout postpartum...

So, despite my reservations about the program, I knew it was going to be my first workout after my pregnancy. Before it even launched I started seeing Test Group results and I was shocked — there were amazing!

What I didn’t know at that time is that it was exactly what I needed after having my twins & a C-section. (But more on that in a bit…)

I also knew that with every single program I’ve ever done through my online streaming, if I followed it as designed, I had seen great results… And this was not my first time doing a program postpartum — in fact, since beginning these at home programs over 5 years ago, this was my FOURTH postpartum journey!

Knowing that this program had such a big emphasis on strengthening the core (along with booty, legs & arms), I decided I sounded like the perfect program for me on my twin postpartum journey. 

I knew it would strengthen my body exactly how I needed, and I knew it would change me.

So, I decided to go all-in with Barre Blend! 

And I was absolutely right.

My Barre Blend Postpartum Workout Review

I’ll totally admit — I was wrong to be skeptical about this program. It changed my mind in so many ways! 

  • It completely changed my mindset about barre inspired workouts!
  • It changed my mind about the incredible transformation that can result from low-impact exercise.
  • It changed my mind about needing every workout I do to incorporate high levels of cardio and/or medium to heavy weight lifting. In fact, those 2 lb weights just about killed me some days — do not let them fool you!

EVERY SINGLE WORKOUT worked my core. 

Something I desperately needed after having my second C-section and 5 kids in 4 pregnancies. 

When I first started the program, I definitely had some ab separation (aka diastasis recti or DR). And while I won’t promise that this program is the answer for everyone with DR, it sure helped my separation become extremely minimal! 

Every single workout also hit my arms, legs, booty. Despite it being low impact, it was challenging and fun. It made me push myself outside my comfort zone!

I would 110% I recommend this to women on their postpartum journey!

But It’s NOT Just For Postpartum Women!

We had many pregnant mamas doing the program, but we also had busy women who needed a way to squeeze just 30-40 minute workouts into their day. We had many moms who wanted to get back into a health and fitness routine after having kiddos and (in their words) “putting their health on the back burner.” 

Want to know one of my favorite part of the program?

It has an affirmation card for every day of the program. Every day you pull a card that says, “I am _______.” It could be 

“I am confident.”
“I am resilient.”
“I am transforming.”

These cards sent the entire tone of the day for me and despite the fact that I am now finished with the program, I will continue to pull one of these cards each day!

What did I GAIN from this program?

  • Significantly increased core strength. I’m not saying by any means this will treat your diastasis if you have it, but for me personally, I notice a HUGE change in my core and the muscles coming together as a result of completing this program.
  • It helped me get back into a consistent workout routine after my twin pregnancy and 6-week post C section recovery. I can proudly say I worked out almost every day of the week!
  • A refocus on my nutrition to ensure I was getting plenty of good fats, carbs, proteins, etc. while maintaining my breastmilk supply (there’s a nutrition bracket for pregnant women and breastfeeding mamas!) 
  • Increased confidence — a huge part of this has to do with the affirmation cards. 
  • Increased arm strength. Yes, those tiny 2lb weights really did strengthen and define my arms!
  • Changes in leg muscles — it absolutely changed the shape of my legs! Longer, leaner muscles (and new muscles I never knew were there!)
  • Booty gains! I promise you will see a change in your booty. It will be more toned & probably higher at the end of 60 days!
  • Increased balance & flexibility
  • Am I more graceful? Maybe, maybe not. HAHA! Kidding — I’m definitely WAY more graceful than when I began, but I’ll be real — I don’t look like the creator of the program when it comes to grace! Lol!

So… My Results from Barre Blend?

From 7 weeks postpartum to 14 weeks postpartum I lost (drum roll, please!)...

  • 6 pounds 
  • 5 total inches 
  • Including 1.5” from my hips
  • And 1.5” from my waist

That being said… I feel like I should share that I wasn’t quite as strict about the nutrition plan as I probably should have been. Ha! Although I always try to eat healthy, I’ve never been one to be too strict about following the meal plans — I do like to indulge in a little treat here and there. It’s just all about balance! 

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