“Black” Cod vs. Cod… Is there a difference?

YES — a big difference. Multiple differences. And black cod is now officially my husband’s favorite fish (and mine!) trumps salmon & halibut!

What is Black Cod? Aka, Sablefish

It has the highest omega-3 content of any white fish, even higher than many species of salmon. This high omega-3 content makes black cod a super healthy fish, but the high fat content also gives black cod a unique delicious and rich, buttery flavor!

When I looked on Pinterest, it seemed almost ALL the recipes mimic a famous one: Nobu’s Marinated Miso Black Cod. 

It requires a few ingredients you likely won’t have in your kitchen. Ideally, you marinate it 2-3 DAYS (though still amazing if you don’t!) And I highly recommend the shiitake mushrooms it suggests instead of regular ones!

Paired with the asparagus recipe below, this meal is hands down one of the BEST I’ve had in a really long time — you’ll feel like you’re eating at a restaurant!

We did try this marinade on regular cod which was still good, BUT the quality of black cod is FAR superior.

Have you had black cod before? I’m always open to new recipes. What’s your favorite fish?