Let’s bust a common myth:
Exercise does NOT cause milk supply to tank!

Not if done properly, anyway!

Milk supply can decrease for several reasons, often for women who workout it’s due to insufficient caloric intake or losing weight too quickly… 

Remember, you’re already burning an additional 500 calories each day if you’re breastfeeding (that’s for 1 baby!). So, when you add exercise, you must account for those calories and eat more calories!

But it’s not just about the number of calories you consumer while breastfeeding… it’s about the TYPE of calories.

  • What you eat matters…
  • Are you getting enough protein?
  • Good fats?
  • Carbs?
  • How is your water intake?

All of these things play an integral role in helping maintain your milk supply while being able to exercise postpartum!

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What has my feeding, pumping, and workout schedule been like?

Many have asked how/when I feed, pump & workout, and I’m happy to share!

The schedule varied for most of the past 6 months, but I’m finally getting more consistent! Even though the exact times weren’t the same, my routine was…

  • First early morning feed (typically between 4:00–5:30 AM).
  • Pump after feeding the twins (supply for me is always the highest first thing in the AM).
  • Go back to sleep if it was earlier than 5:30.
  • Then wake up around 6.
  • Have my pre-workout drink.
  • Do my workout.
  • Then, I was done (and hopefully showered) by the next time they needed to feed!

Here are a few of my favorite tips for breastfeeding and exercising:

  1. Workout immediately after a feed — it gives you the best chance for an uninterrupted workout. You deserve that time, mama!
  2. Being as “empty” as possible for the workout AND wearing a supportive sports bra will make it more comfortable.
  3. Some babies don’t love the salt from sweat... so, a shower helps. But, #truth, my babies don’t mind. There’s been a handful of times I’ve been sweaty!
  4. Be flexible — if they wake and need you or need to be fed again, push pause on the workout & head back to it when you’re able. It happens, no biggie!
  5. Eat a post-workout snack — I’ll have something high protein + a serving of fruit within 1 hour of finishing my workout!
  6. Electrolytes — these are so important to replenish, especially after a cardio-intense workout like running. (Check out my blog on the best and worst sports drinks!)

Mamas, don’t be afraid of exercise if you’re breastfeeding — just be sure you’re fueling your body properly!

Increase Milk Supply While Exercising