#BeGoodToYourself — that’s the motto of the Fire And Flow program! It’s going to be a completely new and different way to move your body… one that is both challenging and empowering, and will change you in more ways than you can even imagine!

Given this program is launching during Mental Health Awareness Month, the timing could not be more perfect! The two trainers who created this program are by far some of the most inspiring, positive, encouraging trainers we have! They are authentic, passionate, and have delivered a program that has the power to change your LIFE — not just your health.

The biggest difference between this fitness program and many others? A strong focus on your mental health!

As Elise Joan put it, “we want to help you unlock that part of you that has been trapped inside.” Empower you. Grow confidence. Learn to really understand & appreciate your body. 

You might cry.
You’ll definitely laugh.
And you’ll absolutely see results

These workouts are designed to decrease cortisol (aka the stress hormone) and give you the tools to start each day on a natural high — hello, endorphins!

I’m so excited to share this program with you!

All of the workouts are unique and fun, and I can’t think of a better place to try this program for the first time than surrounded by a community of uplifting, inspiring individuals!

Everyone has a deep need to belong, and my virtual community is a place where YOU will belong! 

And I mean, Mental Health + Fitness + Nutrition + Community — What more do you need?

You don’t need to be at a certain fitness level to get started. You just need to say yes and show up! This is for anyone & everyone who wants to feel their strongest, healthiest, and at their best!

But first, let’s talk more about the program… 

Fire And Flow Program Breakdown:

  • Trainers: Jericho McMatthews & Elise Joan
  • Who is it for: All Fitness Levels
  • Program Length: 4 Weeks
  • Time Commitment: 6 Workouts/Week, 25/30 Minutes/Day
  • Workout Type: Strength, Cardio, Flexibility
  • Required Equipment: Light, Medium, & Heavy Dumbbells, Resistance Loops
  • Optional Equipment: Yoga Mat

What is Fire And Flow?

The better question may be, what ISN’T Fire And Flow?! This program was designed for everyone — from beginners to those who have flown through tougher programs like 645 with ease. And it was designed to help with everything — whether your goal is weight loss, building strength, increasing flexibility, or simply improving your overall physical and mental health!

Jericho and Elise have such drastically different vibes when it comes to the type of programs they’ve created in the past. Together, though, it’s like two puzzle pieces finally coming together to create the absolute PERFECT program!

It’s upbeat strength training and cardio balanced with mindful flowing and revitalizing movements.

So, let’s answer all the questions that you’re dying to know about this program…

How much time will you need for the workouts?

Fire And Flow is a 4-week program. The length of this program makes it the perfect introduction to home fitness or a great way to get back into it after some time off — a restart program, if you will!

The program takes a “less is more” approach… 

In a recent call with the two trainers, they discussed the importance that, as women in our 30s & 40s+, there is such a need to maximize our time with 30 min workouts or less that aren’t hard on our bodies! Workouts that will help you to gain strength, build long lean muscles, yet not leave you feeling exhausted, depleted, or injured!

What type of workout is Fire And Flow?

IT. IS. EVERYTHING. Seriously — no matter what type of workouts you prefer, Fire And Flow will have a little bit of something for everyone. From cardio to strength training and yoga and mobility.

And the best part is, that with both modifiers to take the workouts down and level or intensifiers to amp things up, no matter what your current fitness level you’ll get a phenomenal workout.

What will your week look like during the program?

Your days will be split into 2 types of workouts: “Fire” days and “Flow” days.

Mon/Wed/Fri = Fire Workouts

Led by Jericho, the “Fire” workouts are designed to light a fire inside of you whether that’s through strength training or upbeat cardio!

  • Monday = Upper Body Training
  • Tuesday = Lower Body Training
  • Friday = Cardio

Each workout focuses on metabolic conditioning with a combination of moderate-intensity and high-intensity movements. As a result, you’ll feel stronger, happier, you’ll have more energy, and lose weight (if that’s a goal you have).

Tues/Thurs/Sat = Flow Workouts

You guessed it, the “Flow” workouts are led by Elise, but they’re not just slow and simple “yoga flow” workouts. 

  • Tuesday = Mobility Flow (uses 5-15 lb weights)
  • Thursday = Functional Flow (uses resistance loops)
  • Saturday = Restorative Flow

Once you start moving, you don’t stop — they’re the type of workouts that feel intense while you’re doing them, but afterward, your body will feel AMAZING! You’ll move your body in new and unique ways incorporating a variety of movements including everything from yoga to martial arts, and more!

You’ll feel calm emotionally, but energized physically!

No matter where your comfort zone lies… either within the “Flow” workout style or “Fire” workouts, you’ll find aspects that you love and aspects that will push you and challenge you!

What equipment will you need for Fire And Flow?

Fire And Flow makes it easy for you to get started with just a few simple pieces of equipment.

  • Required: Light, Medium, & Heavy Weights*, Beachbody Resistance Loops
  • Optional: Yoga Mat

*The weights that you choose are 100% dependent on your current strength. On a video call, Elise recommended 5-15 lbs for the Mobility Flow workouts, but heavier weights will be needed for Jericho’s strength training workouts. 

What type of nutrition plan is recommended?

You can follow ANY of your favorite Beachbody Nutrition Programs including Portion Fix, 2B Mindset, and even the 4 Week Gut Protocol! Just keep in mind that the program would be consider “high intensity” when you’re choosing your calorie bracket!

I loved something that was said in the live call Elise & Jericho spoke on,  “We want a program that is so effective that you can go out and enjoy the carrot cake.” YES. PLEASE.

When can you try Fire And Flow?

Fire And Flow will be available for VIP Access beginning May 24th, 2022 on Beachbody On Demand along with 8 BONUS workouts!

But there will also be a FREE SAMPLE WORKOUT released on May 9th! Want access to the free sample workout? Tap the button below to send me an email.

Try Fire And Flow Alongside ME & Others Just Like YOU!

Each month I host a private accountability group where we can all connect, share our journey, motivate each other, and even seek advice and support when we’re struggling! The groups have seriously been a lifeline for me during some of the hardest times.

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