June 12, 2019

Holy. Toledo! We are nearly halfway through June already and I’m officially in the 2nd trimester! That 1st trimester always feels really long — at least to me, anyway. There's so much worry and anxiety (if I’m being real), and just HOPEFULNESS that you will get through it with healthy babies (and hopefully less nausea and exhaustion, am I right?!)

As I mentioned in my last blog, my nausea really seemed to decrease and almost disappear around 10 weeks. I realize this is incredibly lucky, so, for that, I’m grateful! I’m also really thankful that my OB is hyper-aware that the 1st trimester (particularly after going through IVF/infertility treatments), and a twin pregnancy brings a heightened sense of worry. So, she didn’t let me go more than 2 weeks between visits — whether with her or with a specialist!

IVF Twins

At the last OB appointment (12 weeks), Baby A was moving like CRAZY.

(By the way, they determine baby A vs. B depending upon which baby is closest to the cervix). It was so so beautiful to see them both on that ultrasound, even though it was an in-office one, so, it wasn’t the clearest.

When I was 13 weeks, 2 days, we had our genetic testing done through Maternal-Fetal Medicine.

We met with a nurse and doctor after our ultrasound. The nurse went into great detail about the importance of good nutrition, weight gain, and what supplements are generally recommended for twins.

I’m so incredibly thankful that I was using my nutrition program from Beachbody — the nurse said I was doing GREAT with the weight gain. Plus, when I told her what a typical day of food was like for me, she approved! Protein is HUGE for twin pregnancies (it’s recommended 175 grams/day!), so, I’m especially thankful for my daily Shakeology and Beachbars. It sure seems to be helping the twins grow strong!

The ultrasound measured Baby A at 13 weeks 5 days and baby B at 14 weeks — right where they should be/a little bigger.

Interestingly, my specialist suggested I begin a baby aspirin daily as it decreases the risk for pre-eclampsia in twin pregnancies. Pre-eclampsia is a disorder of pregnancy in which there is high blood pressure, often high protein in the urine, and, if left untreated, can lead to seizures. EEK!

While it's a bit terrifying all of the potential risks to both Mom and the babies due to having a twin pregnancy, I realize that if I focus on the "what ifs," I'll drive myself insane.

Instead of worrying, I choose to focus on all the things I am thankful for.

I'm thankful that I'm on track to hit my goal of 20 pounds by 20 weeks.

I'm thankful the babies are growing strong.

I'm thankful for the moments my kiddos ask to "kiss the babies" at random.

I'm thankful for the frequent prayers before dinner where my son and daughter say, "Please watch over the babies in Mommy's belly."

And I'm thankful to be in the 2nd trimester, and that I have such incredible health care providers to take care of me and these sweet babies.

At that same appointment, they did an ultrasound and blood work.

Thankfully, the ultrasound (measuring the nuchal translucency) and our genetic blood testing all came back NEGATIVE. I have to say, I was relieved!

We actually debated whether or not to do it. The doctor asked us, "Would you do anything different based on the results?" Our answer was No. But, we wanted to be prepared if one or both babies had chromosomal abnormalities.

Plus, if the results had come back positive, we wouldn't have known if the abnormality was for one baby or both — It would have been "a watch and see" based on ultrasound and/or further testing if we decided to pursue that route. Thankfully, we don't have to make that decision as the blood tests were all negative!

We asked them not to share the genders with us.

What's crazy is that with my last pregnancy, we then knew the gender at this point! I'll be honest — I have been waffling a LOT this week about whether or not to find out. It truly doesn't matter what their genders are, but part of me thinks it would be fun to tell the kiddos. It would be easier to choose names (rather than 3 sets of options).

Annnnnd, if there are two of one gender, we could get rid of a heck of a lot of clothes! HA!

But I still do think it would be magic to find out the day they are born. So as of now, we are still "team green,” as I’ve heard many say. HA!


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