August 12, 2019

All I can ever hope for with all the ultrasounds, testing & monitoring is that it is “boring” as my maternal-fetal medicine specialist says (AKA the babies are growing great and their hearts are normal.) And at our anatomy scan and fetal echocardiograms (done at 21+ weeks), they looked GREAT!

Our baby boy (Baby A) is a little bigger than his sis, Baby B (1lb vs 15 oz). Measuring 56th & 42nd percentiles, respectively.

But I had a fear going into this appointment...

I honestly had a slight fear I'd come out of my ultrasound last week and I would have learned they were wrong the first time! A friend of mine had that happen to her — her 1st early ultrasound they told her she was having a boy. Then, about 6 or so weeks later, they informed her they had been WRONG — it's a girl, surprise! 

So, when I told this to the ultrasound tech a few weeks back, he laughed and said that while it's not super common, it does happen⁣.⁣

⁣Rest assured, our boy is still CLEARLY a boy and our girl is still a girl!

⁣⁣The top ultrasound and the obviousness of his sex is the very reason we decided to find out gender instead of keeping it a secret! I can’t imagine having to look away at every ultrasound appointment in order to keep it a surprise.

⁣⁣The fatigue, leg cramps, & nightmares have crept in this week! 

But, despite it all, I'm grateful to be 23 weeks pregnant with these twins who are growing right on track!

Funny enough, my pregnancy app yesterday told me the twins are going through a major growth spurt these next few weeks — no wonder why I want to crawl into bed at 2 pm while my two youngest are napping, too! HA!

I remember with my previous pregnancies that I had much more vivid dreams, but never nightmares. And this week, I've woken up terrified a few times from them! I sure hope these don't persist the rest of the pregnancy!

And can we talk leg cramps? 

I've had slight ones the past few weeks, but this last week, I had one of the worst I've ever experienced. I woke my poor husband because I seriously couldn't stop it.

I literally screamed one night, "quick, please, my calf is cramping!!!" 

I've had a few different people recommend Natural Calm magnesium for cramps (apparently also helps with sleep and headaches, too!), so, I checked with my OB and she gave it two thumbs up! I’m looking forward to trying it and seeing if it makes a difference. I’ll keep you posted!

The other big thing on our mind these past few weeks is a VEHICLE. 

It’s a bit tricky trying to figure out how we can have 5 kiddos (all in car seats, mind you), yet not feel like we are piled on top of one another. 

To be truthfully honest, I’m thinking a passenger van (at least 12) might be the only way to go! 

We’ve seen some passenger vans, chatted with a few people who own them (and love them!), so, now trying to narrow it down and make sure we’ve explored all the possible options. I’ve researched the crap out of the slimmest car seats, convertible car seats, and booster seats (although our oldest Brooklyn won’t qualify for a booster for quite some time yet), so, doing everything I can to make it work, hehe!

I would LOVE any suggestions from you!


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