August 27, 2019

I shared a post on my social media post when I was 24 weeks that many of you probably missed… So, I wanted to share it again.

The size of your BUMP — let’s talk about that.

"Your bump is too big"
"You're not gaining enough"
"You're gaining too much"

I've met SO many women who've heard it all — and usually NOT from the 1 opinion that matters: their doctor.

This pic below is 35 weeks (Madden) vs. 17 weeks (a few weeks ago during my current twin pregnancy). 

Singleton pregnancy vs twin pregnancy

Every pregnancy is SO different. All of mine have been! And yours will be far different than mine or anyone else's.

During my first 3 pregnancies, I'd get comments about how "small" my bump was.

Followed by, “are you sure your baby is growing ok?"⁣ And they always did! Born at normal weights, with great Apgar scores, and have been relatively healthy since the day they were born!

But those comments still hit me hard. Every. Time.

It made me question everything I was doing, despite the fact that I believed I was doing everything in my power to have the healthiest pregnancy I could (every time)! My bump never measured "normal," but with every ultrasound, they were doing great.

My doc said, "This is just YOU. Your babies hide in there. They’re doing great."⁣

And I'm sure in a few weeks I'll start hearing "You must be due ANY day now." And I'll tell them, "Nope, still 15 weeks to go!" HA!

The size of a bump doesn't tell you how much weight the mom has gained! And it doesn't tell you how well the baby (or babies) are thriving!⁣

  • Every bump will vary depending on what number pregnancy it is
  • How many babies you're carrying
  • The strength of your core muscles
  • Height & pre-pregnancy weight

So, wear that bump PROUDLY!

Know you're doing an amazing job fueling your body and sweet baby, and know that your bump is beautiful no matter its size!⁣

Onto a more pressing topic: SLEEP

I have to know… What are your tips for helping with insomnia/trouble sleeping?

I know that so many struggle with this when pregnant and I have had the worst time sleeping recently. I really need to use that Natural Calm Magnesium I bought that so many had recommended for my leg cramps, but supposedly it helps with sleep, too!

Doesn’t help that I’m up about 4 times a night peeing. Thank you, pregnancy bladder. Ha!

Do you have any other tips?

I’ve never used a pregnancy pillow in any of my previous pregnancies, but so many swear by them.

I really should look into a meditation app — I figure that can’t hurt. Let me know your favorite ones if you use them!


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