September 9, 2019

And just like that, I’m officially in the THIRD TRIMESTER. EEK! 

I realize many people say 28 weeks is usually third trimester. But the nerd in me realizes that 40/3 = 13.33333333, so, here we are. Third trimester and hard to believe!

It really makes me feel like the countdown is on.

Particularly because twins often come early — so, when I say any day, that’s actually not totally an exaggeration. Thankfully, however, we so far have no reason to believe they will come early!

I had my glucose test.

If you don’t follow me on social media, I want to give you a brief update regarding my glucose tolerance test — I FAILED my 1-hour test. I got a 142, and less than 140 is normal, so I just barely failed, but I failed.

So, I went in for the dreaded 3-hour test.

You're required to fast 8-12 hours before hand. They do a blood draw before you drink that horrible (in my opinion) glucose drink. I mean, 100g of glucose in 10oz of liquid (essentially 2.5 cans of soda, sugar content wise) in less than 5 minutes, YUCK! Little water until after the 1 hour blood draw. And blood draws at 1 hour after drinking the drink, 2 hours after, and 3 hours after.

I'm SO happy to report,  though, that all 4 lab draws were normal. In fact, my 3 hour blood sugar was LOW. Thank goodness I brought a snack with me (and lots of work to do, plus books to read for that 3 hour period!)

In other and exciting news…

I got to see the twins this past week on ultrasound (at 26 weeks and 4 days) and they are growing well!

  • Baby boy is approximately 2lbs 4oz (59th percentile)
  • Baby girl is approximately 2lbs 3oz (49th percentile)

Thankfully, because the twins are growing so well, I only have to go back for another growth scan in 4 weeks. After that, depending how the twins are growing, they will decide how frequently I need to be seen by the specialists. 

My next OB appointment is in 2 weeks

And then will be every 2 weeks until I'm 34 weeks when it becomes weekly.

All of my appointments are scheduled out through my due date which is both exciting and terrifying! HA! Add that to my weekly chiropractor appointments... I’m having a hard time keeping track of my schedule! Ha!


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