October 31, 2019

Holy smokes — we are officially LESS THAN A MONTH from meeting our babies!

Thankfully, everything is still going great. I thankfully FEEL good (except a darn head cold that you all probably have, too). I’ve definitely felt exhausted this week and had many a nights where I was ASLEEP by 9pm. (Not kidding).

My BPP and NST yesterday went great!

The BPP was a breeze and they “passed” quickly.

With the NST, they both wanted to take a little snooze it seems. So, they offered me ice-cold water — this worked for our girl rather quickly. But they had to use a little vibration tool on my belly to get our little man going (baby A).

Unfortunately, they are BOTH breech at this point…

And being nearly 35 weeks in a twin pregnancy, they don’t have a lot of room to move. I’ve tried all the yoga positions possible as suggested by my doula to help get them to flip. But so far, nothing has worked.

Madden, my youngest, was breech, too. Check out all the things I tried to get HIM to flip. HAHA!

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Week 34 Twin Pregnancy Update

34 weeks twin pregnancy

Babies Update:

Next week will be their growth scan, so, we still don’t know an estimated weight for them. However, the pregnancy apps estimate 4.5 lbs and that they are the size of a cabbage!

Frequency of Doctor Appointment:

I will continue to have a BPP/NST weekly and my OB appointments are now weekly as well! Glad it’s not more, haha!

Labor Signs:

More Braxton Hicks, almost always when I go for a walk. Still none that appeared on my non-stress test which is great!

Weight Gain:

About 32.5 pounds!

Up another pound from last week, and I'm so close to the recommended 37+ pounds for a twin pregnancy!


They move a TON! And it’s super fun because I know where each of their limbs are, so, can usually differentiate who is who! My kids LOVE to feel them moving — it happens a ton when my 2 older kids are on my lap at night for storytime!


As I mentioned, so, so tired. But other than that (and the silly head cold), I honestly am so grateful to feel so good!

Cravings/Food Aversions:

I’ve been craving Teriyaki this week, lol! Our plan is to get it tomorrow night for dinner… I never crave that, but apparently the babies want it.


We bought a second car seat, the twins’ mattresses, and we got a TON of adorable clothes at my baby shower. I’m working on getting it all organized, hehe!

Maternity Clothes:

I did end up buying a shirt for Halloween (last year I'll be able to rock this Halloween tradition. Ha! but, otherwise, still think it is crazy this is the last few weeks I’ll be in maternity clothes!

Twin pregnancy halloween shirt


Thankfully, I’m still working out most days, and the program I’m doing is by far my favorite program I’ve ever done. I modify as needed, but I'm so glad I’m halfway through week 3 of the program. I’d LOVE to finish it (it’s 6 weeks total) which means that the babies would make it to 38 weeks, haha!

I’m still attending our Triathlon Club weekly (but skip the run portion)… So, generally 30-40 minutes of swimming and then 30-40 minutes of biking. I cut sets and/or stop early as needed, and am just listening to my body. Then, I load up on calories like crazy to make up for the burned calories!

Interesting Moments:

The vibration tool is pretty funny that they had to use — I certainly hadn’t had that before.

Best Moments:

Definitely my Triathlon Club baby shower! It was SO much fun and an afternoon spent with some of my favorite people. I truly feel SO blessed to have such great friends. These babies and I were sure showered with so much love.


Being able to tie my shoes with ease!

Looking Forward To:

Trick or treating tonight with my kiddos, my quarterly Beachbody conference this weekend, and getting my hair done next week! (Checking off the list before these kiddos arrive, haha!).

I’m especially anxious for next week’s growth scan as I just pray they are both growing well.

I’m also super grateful our new nanny begins next week to get into an established routine before we add 2 more kiddos to the family :) Much needed with all of my upcoming appointments!