November 8, 2019

I think I’m officially in nesting mode, haha! I’ve been on a current spree of cleaning up the house, organizing like crazy and frantically to make sure our kids’ new rooms are ready to rock n' roll. I’m awaiting the delivery of a dresser and bookshelf so I can get the two older kiddos’ clothes out of the nursery. And we still need to hang all of the pictures up in the nursery and other kids’ bedrooms! 

This week was packed with appointments.

Trying to check all the boxes off the list as I know the twins could arrive any day. If you saw my last blog post, the average length of a twin pregnancy is 35.5 weeks, which means as over today, I am beyond that! YAHOO! (35 weeks, 5 days).

This week I had a dentist appointment, hair appointment, chiropractor, massage and manicure pedicure (definitely not complaining about any of those!) I called it my self-care week, haha!

For my baby appointments... I had a growth scan, biophysical profile, and NST. And then, I had my routine OB appointment. I found out the twins are both still breech, and baby A (boy) is measuring a bit on the smaller side (although this is not atypical for my kiddos as they all have been small their whole lives lol! All 3 were born right at 39 weeks (my oldest, 39 weeks 1 day). She was 6lbs 12 oz. Both boys were 6lbs 5 oz. 

I know so many moms who have had their twins already by this point and babies did well — most needing at least a little NICU time, though. So, I’m fully prepared that they might need NICU time, but also realize that it’s really lucky they’ve stayed put as long as they have!

I really, REALLY need to freeze some meals. I did freeze my leftover Halloween chili to save for post babies, but definitely need to load up the freezer!! Do you have any favorite freezer meals?!

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Week 35 Twin Pregnancy Update

35 weeks twin pregnancy

Babies Update:

My app says they are the size of a spaghetti squash this week, and on my growth scan, Baby Boy (Baby A) was measuring approximately 4lbs 15oz, and Baby Girl (Baby B) was measuring approximately 5lbs 9 oz.

I always said I’d be thrilled to have two babies 36+ weeks and 5+ pounds, so, I’m hoping they stay put a little longer and keep growing. Unfortunately, though, they are both still breech, which is pointing towards a C-section.

But most important to me is the health of those babes! So, whatever they need to do to get them here safely I’m totally ok with!!

Frequency of Doctor Appointment:

I am seeing my OB weekly, and my MFM (maternal fetal medicine) appointments will now be twice weekly — two non-stress tests and one biophysical profile & umbilical cord flow check… Add that to my chiropractor weekly appointment and man, does it feel like I live at appointments, HAHA!

Labor Signs:

Not sure if I can call them contractions or Braxton Hicks… But walking I sure get a TON of tightening, some that I breathe through. But they then cease once I’m done walking!

Weight Gain:

Up about 1.5 pounds from last week for a total of 34!

The babies are estimated to gain about ½ pound per week, so makes sense… Hoping all that weight is going straight to the babies. Grow, babies, grow!


They sure feel like they are moving even more than normal!! Usually, I noticed the biggest patterns at night, but now, it’s pretty constant! Sometimes, though, it’s hard to differentiate who is who as their heads are right by one another. But typically I can tell as the boy is on my left and girl on the right of my belly!


I certainly am not sleeping very well… Mostly because I wake to go to the bathroom in the middle of night. But overall, I really am SO thankful as I otherwise feel pretty good. My head cold seems to be nearly done (thankfully!), and I otherwise feel great with just a little foot/toe swelling and that’s about it!

Cravings/Food Aversions:

Not much! I did get Teriyaki last Friday which satisfied that craving. :) Picked up a bubble tea last night and kettle corn is on the menu for dessert tonight, haha!! My sister had leftover carrot cake last weekend and I graciously accepted a large piece from her that I split into two nights worth of dessert. IT. WAS. Amazing. Carrot cake is my fav!


We are all sent for the twins! A friend gave us an adorable floor mat for their nursery, a cutie matching TW-IN outfit, and a book about twins!

Maternity Clothes:

Nothing new :) Everything is getting VERY tight, though.


Yesterday (35 weeks 4 days) was my last intense workout. After my maternal-fetal medicine appointment, they suggested that since I am so close to the end and baby boy is a little bit on the smaller side that I cut back to just walking/stretching. As much as I LOVE working out and am so thankful I finished nearly 4/6 weeks of what is now my all-time favorite program, most important to me is the health of these babies. I’m hoping they can pack on a little more weight before they are born… And I cannot WAIT to start this program again in the New Year once I’m cleared!

I’ll plan on daily walks and maybe some prenatal yoga from my workout library (of 1000+ workouts!)

Last week was my last triathlon club for the year… I was able to do a 40-minute swim and 40-minute bike followed by a 1.5-mile walk! I will be excited to pick it back up in the New Year, and feel so grateful I was able to workout as long as I did. I truly believe it’s helped me have my healthiest pregnancy yet!

Interesting Moments:

None that I can think of — Thankfully my husband made it home safe and sound from his wedding in Palm Springs and I’m still pregnant :) I was honestly stressed that I would go into labor while he was gone. My parents stayed the weekend with my just in case!

Best Moments:

As above, my parents spent the weekend with us on Saturday & Sunday. It was a blast. I always love seeing the twins on ultrasound, so, that was probably the highlight of the week! I had a scheduled hair appointment (was glad to have got that done one last time). I also scheduled a pregnancy massage and manicure pedicure this last week to squeeze at least one more in before the twins arrive :) And our new nanny started and is absolutely incredible!


I’d love a glass of red wine, haha!

Looking Forward To:

A weekend with my family. NOTHING is scheduled this weekend, so, we may take them on a fun adventure. Soon enough, we will no longer be a family of 5!