Many questioned whether we would have new program launches now that we have BODi — our live interactive platform. And the answer is YES!

If you’re not a BODi subscriber yet (go grab yourself a Daily Pass and try it now) you’ll still have plenty to look forward to — like Job 1. The 1st program to launch after our MYX Bike & BODi. And I cannot tell you how DANG EXCITED I am for it! Why? A variety of reasons.

First, it’s our first ever program created that will incorporate cycling as an option for your cardio! Not only that, but this is the 1st Beachbody program from this trainer. I tried a few cycling classes with her and a sample workout from this program during our Beachbody Summit annual conference and it was phenomenal!

Last but not least, it takes just 20 minutes/day!

Before I continue sharing why I AM excited, check out this video below so that YOU can start getting excited with me!

So, is Job 1 for you?... Let’s find out!

One of the things I absolutely love about what I do as a health and fitness Coach is that we have something for EVERYBODY.

Do you love having structure and a calendar to check off? Great! We have something for you.
Do you love having the option to do live workouts? Awesome! We have options for you.
Do you love to feel part of a community? We absolutely have a place for you.

Job 1 Program Breakdown:

  • Trainer: Jennifer Jacobs
  • Who is it for: All fitness levels
  • Program Length: 4 weeks
  • Time Commitment: 5 days/week, 20 min/day
  • Workout Type: Cardio, HIIT, strength training (optional cycling)
  • Equipment Needed: Resistance Loops, Dumbbells
  • Optional Equipment: MYX Bike

How much time will you need to commit?

As a busy mama, my favorite programs are those that can be done in 30 minutes or less per day… and Job 1 fits the bill. All you need is 20 minutes/day! Plus, there are only 5 workouts per week and you get Saturday and Sunday off to either rest or follow along with one of the recovery videos.

  • 20 minutes/day
  • 5 days/week
  • 4 weeks long

Remember, Job 1 is designed to help you shift your priorities and mindset. These 4 weeks are your stepping stone to a bigger commitment. You’ll see amazing results and feel ready to tackle a bigger commitment by the time you’re finished!

If you choose to join one of my fitness groups and work with me 1:1 as your Coach, we’ll check in after Job 1 is complete and find another program that fits your needs to keep you going! 

If I’m not already your Coach, simply fill out the form at the bottom of this page to learn more about my complimentary Coaching!

What type of workouts can you expect to see in Job 1?

Job 1 includes a little bit of everything, which makes it perfect for anyone whether you’re looking to burn calories and fat or build strength! (And remember, strength training is excellent for fat burning, too!)

  • 3 strength training days
  • 1 day of endurance cardio training
  • 1 day of HIIT cardio

Take a look at the Job 1 program calendar to see what you can expect!

Strength Training Days:
Each strength training workout is designed to work multiple muscle groups for a total body burn each day. You’ll also notice each workout is a little different — it’s designed this way to really challenge your muscles and keep you progressing every day!

Cardio Days:
You’ll have 2 different types of cardio workouts. Endurance cardio, just like it sounds, will help you build up your cardiovascular endurance! While HIIT cardio will help you build power, burn fat, and has even been shown to have the potential to help lower blood pressure. 

Cycling, Optional:
Job 1 also includes 4 optional cycling workouts! You can choose to swap your endurance cardio day with cycling if you have a stationary bike, like the MYX Bike which is compatible with Beachbody On Demand!

I can tell you, I will 100% be using the cycling workouts! I’m so excited to follow along with a program that implements cycling into the workout plan. 

Try a Job 1 Sample Workout

Want to really get a taste of what the workout will be like? Check out the video below to try a full-length 20-minute sample workout! All you'll need for the Sample Workout is: Medium Dumbbells & Resistance Loops

What equipment will you need for Job 1?

One of the great aspects about Job 1 is that you don’t need a ton of special equipment! All you’re required to have is a few sets of dumbbells and resistance loops. 

While you can order resistance loops on Amazon I highly recommend using Beachbody’s color-coded resistance loops — especially if you’re a beginner and aren’t sure which level of resistance you should be using! If you’re purchasing a Total Solution Pack, they’ll likely be included for FREE in your order anyway (along with other bonus goodies!)

Job 1 Beachbody Total Solution Challenge Pack with Shakeology and Performance Line

Required Equipment:

  • Light, Medium, & Heavy Dumbbells
  • Resistance Loops

Optional Equipment:

  • Fitness or Yoga Mat (for added comfort)
  • Stationary Bike (like the MYX Bike)

How heavy should your weights be? The weight of dumbbells you choose will be based on your current strength and will vary greatly for everyone! If you’re not sure, feel free to reach out to me and I can help you figure it out!

Does Job 1 require a nutrition plan?

Any good fitness plan should be accompanied by a nutrition plan! Getting real results — whether that means losing weight, gaining muscle, or feeling energized — is only truly attainable if you go all in. That means focusing on fitness AND nutrition!

You’ll have 2 meal plan options during Job 1: Portion Fix or 2B Mindset!

Learn about both nutrition programs here.

Who is the trainer?

If you feel like you’ve heard the name Jennifer Jacobs before, you might be right — especially if you’ve tried Peloton classes in the past. She’s a former senior Peloton instructor known for her cycling and functional training classes! Plus, she has 8 fitness and nutrition accreditations from some of the top agencies in the country.

I’ve tried a few of her live cycling classes already on BODi and, let me tell you, they have been AMAZING! And I cannot wait for you to experience a workout with her, too!

Are You Ready To Try Job 1?!

I’m so excited for you to try this program! And the best way to try it?... As a part of an accountability group surrounded by others who you can lean on for extra support and motivation, and who will challenge you to do your best each day!

Each month I host a new group for people just like you!

If you’d like to join or simply want assistance getting started with the best deal on your Total Solution Pack, fill out the form below and I’ll get in touch with you. I can’t wait to help you get started!

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