IFV Twin Pregnancy Update

Babies Update:

Growing just as they should! I will have a growth ultrasound next week to see how they are doing.

Weight Gain:

21 pounds! I hit my goal of 20 pounds by 20 weeks (as recommended by my doctors and specialists). My next goal is at least 8 between weeks 20-28, as that also decreases the risk for pre-term labor/premature babies!!


They are moving and kicking a TON, and it’s magical to feel both.


None! Well, I’m tired. HA! But what parent isn’t?! My back has felt significantly better, I think all due to my chiropractor. She is amazing!

Cravings/Food Aversions:

Not a lot, really! Although, coffee is sounding better and I’ll have the occasional decaf americano! But my go-to is a peppermint tea with honey & steamed milk!

Weirdly, I’ve kept sauerkraut in the fridge and pickles — I learned awhile back the sauerkraut is great for additional probiotics, so I’ll have that occasionally. My go to snack right now is Daily Sunshine dip (10g of protein) with sliced apples. It’s delicious and healthy!

Nothing really lately.


I got a free Table for Two which which I have heard is AMAZING (thank you, mom, for finding this for me!) And I’ve purchased another Double Bob from a dear friend.

I also am planning on buying a used Weego and TwinGo from two different moms in the local Moms of Multiples Group of Snohomish Country (this group already has been so amazing!)

Maternity Clothes:

A sweet girl on my Team sent me 2 pairs of workout pants, and I LOVE them! Otherwise, I’m still using my same ‘ol maternity gear. But summer is in full swing, and it is HOT. I might need to get a few more casual shorts soon!


I am BEYOND excited to start a brand new program on Monday.

100 workouts. Just 20-30 minutes a day. And no repeat workouts!!

There’s live music, yoga, cardio, strength training, MMA, and more! I know I’ll likely have to modify some (and cannot believe that by the time I finish, I’ll be 35 weeks pregnant. Crazy! I’m also still swimming at least 1 day a week and cycling 1 day per week & walk our dog daily -- he’s otherwise insane :)

Best Moments:

The KICKS are magic. And my husband and mom were even able to feel them. Can’t wait for my kiddos to be able to feel them!


The occasional deli sandwich, and sushi has sounded good lately. Oh, well!

Looking Forward To:

The next ultrasound. A little nervous for the fetal echocardiogram (I just hope all is well!) Also cannot wait for our remodel to be done and start designing the nursery!