27 Weeks Twin Pregnancy

Babies Update:

According to my pregnancy app, this week, they are each the size of a bunch of bananas! And as I mentioned in my last journal, baby boy (baby A) is measuring 2lbs 4oz (59th percentile) and baby girl (baby B) is measuring 2lbs 3oz (49th percentile)!

Weight Gain:

A little shy of 27 pounds… RIGHT on track!


They seem to not stop moving, haha!! I love laying in bed at night or early morning as that seems to be an active time for them. And it seems like they sure enjoy when I eat, as that kicks them into high gear, too! During my glucose test they were going NUTS. Now, I can even see them moving at times, probably because they are starting to get so much bigger.


GROIN PAIN — oh my!

If you caught my blog last week, I’m super grateful to say that my groin pain is nearly gone (thank you, chiropractor!!!)

Common late second trimester/early third trimester symptoms include…

  • Dry noses aka pregnancy rhinitis for all you fellow nurses out there (yes). This nasal spray has been a huge help.
  • Trouble sleeping. (yes).
  • Heartburn/acid reflux (thankfully no).
  • Peeing a lot (yes).
  • "Wicked nasty leg cramps." (Yes, though thankfully not too frequently).

And another that is particularly pertinent to me? Bleeding gums. Maybe I’m the only one (it happens every pregnancy), but man, it’s kinda brutal! Apparently super common, though, according to my dentist!

Sleep has been much improved with the added use of magnesium (thank you for the suggestions!). I have been using Natural Calm (orange flavor) and have noticed a HUGE change in my sleep — I’m sleeping heavier when I do sleep and for longer chunks of time. And when I do wake (aka pregnancy bladder or my 3 year old needs to pee. lol!), I’m much more easily able to fall back asleep quickly. Leg cramps have improved. I largely attribute it to this.

Cravings/Food Aversions:

I honestly am getting kettle corn from our local farmer’s market weekly which means I have it about 3 nights a week. And my mom recently made homemade hot fudge that meant I had a LOT of ice cream sundaes the last few weeks. HAHA!

Nothing to mention.


Nothing in the last few weeks. I found out, though, that our local Moms of Multiples group has a stock of preemie clothes on hand in case we need it. That is SUCH a relief, and such a gift! I know so many twins are on the smaller side, so, it’s nice to know that’s one thing we don’t have to worry about.

Maternity Clothes:

I haven’t bought anything of late, but definitely had to whip out the long-sleeve shirts and fall clothes this past week as the greater Seattle area sure feels like it’s leaving summer (SADLY!). I’d LOVE any advice for good pregnancy coats (rain coats, in particular.)


I am officially ½ way through my home workout program (100 workouts in total), and am LOVING it. I’m beyond grateful I rarely have to modify (but certainly do if needed!), and seeing great results despite being pregnant! I’m loving swimming once a week and cycling, too. Grateful every day that I’m still able to sneak in a workout and feeling up to it!

Best Moments:

Seeing the twins on ultrasound and knowing they are growing well. AND, the night that Jameson, my 3-year-old said, “Mommy, I want to see the babies,” as he was lifting up my shirt (don’t worry — we were in our home, thankfully!). He then proceeded to lean over and kiss my belly. My heart nearly exploded.

I’m BEYOND grateful the glucose tests are behind me, and that, they ended up ok!


Not a lot — but the past day or so my feet have been quite swollen. Missing that my shoes fit normally. HAHA!

Looking Forward To:

Hitting 28 weeks, which will be yet another significant week of my pregnancy. Why? Their lungs will be mature enough that while I certainly hope they don’t arrive that early, I know that they will a much better chance at thriving/survival with help/medicine of course.

But for so many twin moms, 28 weeks is another big milestone as we all know preterm delivery is not uncommon. So, to have their lungs mature enough to help them on their own should this happen, is a big deal!!