Twin Pregnancy Week 30

Babies Update:

According to my pregnancy app, this week, they are each the size of a bunch cantaloupe. We'll find out their estimated weights next week, but my app says they should be about 3 pounds by now!

Weight Gain:

Depends on the day…

My home scale? 28-29 pounds. Despite eating the same (yep still kettle corn multiple nights a week, usually a bubble tea a week and then some other dessert when I don’t have kettle corn!). And not working out differently.

I didn’t gain much these last few weeks. As my husband said, time for pizza and burgers (we had pizza last night and burgers are on the menu for the weekend!) lol! However, my doctor has me up about 33 on her scale. So, regardless, today she told me she’s incredibly happy with my weight gain!


They really are moving ALL THE TIME. And I love it! It’s super noticeable at night when I’m laying down or early in the morning. Or, sitting. But, they feel SO close to the surface, so their movements are super obvious to me (and to anyone around me — you can SEE it, haha!) My kids love feeling them move, as does my husband, mom, and sis! It’s pretty fun and something I definitely will miss when I’m no longer pregnant.


My dry nose & nose bleeds were drastically improved with use of a saline nasal spray that I’ve been using!

However, one kiddo had croup this last week, and my daughter had bronchitis 1 week prior. So, I’m a little more stuffed up than normal, but thankfully, have over all avoided their sickness. ‘Tis the season, I guess with my two oldest in school full-time!

This past week I started having some weird left hamstring/glute tightness, but has improved with stretching and seeing my chiropractor.

And in case you missed my post on my social media, I’ve been having carpal tunnel symptoms. (Numbness in the tips of my left fingers — primarily the 2nd-4th digits), so I ordered a brace to wear at night which seems to be helping somewhat (and being adjusted at the chiropractor, too). I was waking up in the night and in the mornings with a completely numb hand. It’s a little unnerving I have to say!

Cravings/Food Aversions:

None, really!

Also nothing to mention!


I was gifted a Twingo carrier from a mom from our local Moms of Multiples group which is AMAZING and so generous. I’ve heard this is incredibly helpful for twin moms!

I also ordered my pump (usually free with your insurance), but I upgraded so had to pay a small fee. I went with the Spectra S1 as I did a post on my instagram and FB and so many recommended this one. I also had come across a blog done by Lucie’s List (an awesome resource for pregnant mamas!) that recommended the Spectra (I had used Medela Pump in Style for my last three kiddos). So, I’m excited to compare the two!

I also just bought a few pictures for the nursery, which is really exciting!

Nothing in the last few weeks. I found out, though, that our local Moms of Multiples group has a stock of preemie clothes on hand in case we need it. That is SUCH a relief, and such a gift! I know so many twins are on the smaller side, so, it’s nice to know that’s one thing we don’t have to worry about.

Maternity Clothes:

I ended up buying a few things on Poshmark (primarily because I was looking for a maternity jacket), and it ended up the seller also had a super cute workout shirt and warm fleece sweatshirt.

I realized I’d need coats as none of my regular ones zip anymore! HAHA!

I then found a light rain jacket (maternity) from ASOS that was inexpensive and will be good for what I need it for!


I am just about 1 week away from finish my 100-workout program, and have absolutely loved it! I’ve been thankful I didn’t have to modify too much (certainly skipped the core specific days).

And I'm looking forward to starting a new program as soon as this one is done! Check out my blog post to learn about the next program I plan to attempt to do… at least until I deliver, haha! It certainly will be a go-to program for me to whip me back into shape postpartum, too!

Best Moments:

Our babymoon was magic. A much needed get away for just my husband and I. (Thank you, Mom & Dad for watching our 3 kiddos!)


Not gonna lie, there was a night or 2 that a good glass of wine sounded really good! But, aside from the occasional night, I truly haven’t missed alcohol much! That and a good ‘ol deli meat sandwich or sushi sounds really good from time to time. Alas, I shall wait.

Looking Forward To:

My baby shower on Saturday! I am so grateful for my dear friends who are throwing me a shower.

I can’t wait for the twins’ growth ultrasound on Monday to see how they are growing, and to find out how frequent I’ll need to see maternal fetal medicine.

Also looking forward to hitting 32 weeks, which will be yet another significant week of my pregnancy. Why? Apparently, in the world of NICU nurses (and moms of preemies/NICU babies), getting past 32 weeks makes a huge difference as far as the growth and development of these sweet babies!