Can I tell you how many times I’ve considered getting a new spin bike?! And, man, I’m so grateful I waited — the news that Beachbody is getting into the indoor cycling game blew me away! The new MYX II Bike by Beachbody is everything I’ve been dreaming of… 

I want to say this first — before you make your purchase be sure you have a Coach to help you get the best deal, set up your order, and, ultimately, help you set goals and support you in achieving results. If you don’t have a Coach, I’d love to be that person for you — feel free to reach out to me on social media or via email: Connect With Me Here

Live + On-Demand Cycling Classes

With my MYX II and the new BODi (Beachbody On Demand Interactive) platform, we have the chance to attend LIVE spin classes (as well as so many other live fitness classes) from home — something I’ve missed since having kids!

Plus, if when you're not able to workout during a live class, you can also access them on-demand!

I have to admit, the live cycling workouts are certainly the ones I'm loving the MOST on BODi. But all of the live workouts I've done have been completely phenomenal!

It’s More Affordable

The price is amazing — the MYX II Bike is less expensive than a Peloton! Plus, Beachbody’s BODi Membership to access the workout classes along with bonus content like enhanced nutrition tips, recipes, is cheaper than a Peloton All-Access Membership!

When it launches this Fall (through November 5th 2021), Beachbody’s MYX II Bike will be on promo for $1,299! (Less than the lowest-priced Peloton and NordicTrack bikes!) You can also upgrade to the Plus Unit to get a bunch of bonus equipment like, a dumbbell set, kettlebell, resistance loop, stabilizing and exercise mats, and a foam roller.

But, it’s not just about the cost savings of the bike…

Yeah, that’s huge, but you might be thinking… Ok, so how much does the monthly membership cost? For just $20/month you’ll be able to access the live + on-demand cycle classes and so much more. (That's nearly half the price of a Peloton Memebership at $39/month) If you don’t have a membership, you’ll have the option to try a class with a $7 24-hour pass.

In-Person Cycling Studio Cost vs. BODi Cycling Classes

I recently went to a cycle studio for a live class while on a trip with my teammates — we thought it would be a fun team bonding experience. While the class was awesome, it was also $29! Seriously. $29 for a SINGLE. CLASS?! After the class I said to my teammates, “that was so fun, but can you believe we will get daily classes for an ENTIRE month at ⅔ the cost of what we just paid?!” I feel so grateful for that.

Gym Membership vs. BODi Cycling Classes

And how about a gym membership? Don’t get me wrong — I love a good in-person class with some of my friends at our local YMCA. But there are a lot of factors that make it difficult for me to get there. I’m tied to a schedule. I need to use childcare (thankfully ours is included in my membership, I know many gyms that have an additional cost for childcare). 

Loading up 5 kiddos in the van is a work-out in itself and, to be honest, sometimes more effort than it’s worth for a 30-45 min in-person class! Not to mention my monthly membership is approx $120 per MONTH. 

That is nearly 5x the cost of Beachbody On Demand and I’ll have access to so much more when BODi launches!

Rotating Touch Screen With Access to All Beachbody Workouts

The integrated touch screen on the MYX II Bike rotates 360º so that I can use the same screen to play all of my Beachbody programs on or off the bike!

So, I won’t have to waste time transitioning from the bike to the TV or computer while I’m working out. And when you’re trying to squeeze in your workout before 5 kiddos wake, any bit of time you can save is important. HA!

It’s Jam-Packed With Sensors & Stats

If you’re training for a triathlon or just love seeing your stats and watching yourself improve, this bike has ya covered! It has built-in sensors to calculate your speed, cadence, and distance. 

It also includes a Polar Heart Rate Monitor, not just for tracking your heart rate but for personalized heart rate training! What does “heart rate training” mean? Instead of being told to set your bike to certain resistance levels during a class, you’ll be prompted to get your heart rate up into certain heart rate zones! I love this idea as it makes the workouts easily accessible for all fitness/experience levels.

What else should you know about the MYX II Bike?

  • The MYX II Bike can be used with regular sneakers or SPD clip-in cycling shoes.
  • It has an easy-to-use resistance adjustment knob.
  • The seat is designed to be ultra-comfortable, but can be easily swapped out if you’re not in love with it.
  • It’s equipped with fully adjustable handlebars and seat (up, down, backward, forward). 
  • The MYX II will work well for anyone from 4’11” up to 6’8” and supports up to 350 lbs.
  • The bike can connect with your Apple Watch.
  • There will be financing available if you don’t wish to pay in full.

Cycling Is Truly For E-V-E-R-Y-B-O-D-Y!

Cycling is low-impact, and therefore, is an exercise most can safely do even as you grow older! It’s one of the few exercises I was able to continue at times when I was at the peak of my chronic back pain (that thankfully now has been stable & well-managed).

Cycling was also something I was able to do during all 3 of my IVF cycles (when they had advised I do only low-impact exercise and I needed to avoid heavy lifting or twisting motion). 

Plus, it was one of the first exercises I felt comfortable doing post C-section as I knew how important it was for my body to heal from the inside out. As much as I love lifting and running, I knew cycling was the safest option, and a great workout!

Why is spin such a great workout?

Cycling helps you build strength: Cycling is honestly a total body workout, working your core, legs, glutes, back (maintaining proper posture), and even upper body (supporting yourself on the bike). Your glutes and quads are some of the largest muscles in the body which means you burn a LOT of calories (the average for women is 500 calories/hour.)

If you know me, I don’t tend to focus on calories burned or weight loss. But if you’re looking for a very effective and fun way to get an incredible workout in a short period of time, this is it! 

It helps build endurance: Spin classes are unlike other workout classes in that there are very few breaks, and therefore, improves your cardiovascular endurance! Some studies have shown spinning has increased both heart and lung capacity! (source)

Cycling has been shown to improve overall health: From mental health, decreased anxiety and depression (as it has done for me), to improved body composition, increased fat loss, decreased blood pressure, and decreased cholesterol!

Why am I personally so excited about the MYX II Bike?

I’m already cycling 2-3 days/week and have always either made up my own workout (booooring), or found something free on YouTube to follow along with. My current bike doesn’t even show me my cadence because the monitor broke off long ago and I never replaced it. So, I cannot tell you how unbelievably excited I am for this! 

I’m also excited to incorporate spin classes at the direction of a professional. A program to launch next winter will have the option to swap out the cardio workout days for cycling! The program is created by the one and only Jennifer Jacobs (an incredible ex-Senior Peloton instructor)!

I love lifting and HIIT workouts, but cycling hits me on a whole other level! It’s the combo of the music, high calorie burn, and that post-workout “high” that’s like no other! And I’m so excited that now YOU, too, will be able to have the same experience!

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