Babies Update:

Growing well! This week they are each the size of a navel orange, and at 13 weeks & 2 days. Baby A was measuring 13 weeks 5 day, and Baby B was measuring at 14 weeks.

Weight Gain:

12 lbs — on track for 20 by 20 weeks as it’s common to gain 1.5 lbs per week in the 2nd trimester


Questionable... It seems like I’ve felt slight movement from time to time, but it’s still early. I’m guessing in the next few weeks I’ll really begin to feel them move!


I have been EXHAUSTED, but making sure I’m getting enough sleep to take care of that! My nausea seems to be essentially resolved, thank goodness! I’ve had mild back pain (but this is a chronic problem), although, overall, it has been better the last few weeks than it has been in months. Truly, so much to be thankful for and no major complaints!

Cravings/Food Aversions:

Fish now sounds fabulous so I’m making sure to get in those good Omega fatty acids! Salmon or Halibut are my go-to choices, but lately have been craving a tuna sandwich. As always, I don’t go a week without having kettle corn. Whoops! Another craving, I suppose has been anything with BBQ sauce — we've had BBQ chicken sandwiches or BBQ chicken breasts a few times.

Coffee and alcohol still sound pretty awful!


I just found out 2 different people are gifting me a double nursing pillow, which I’m super thankful for! I’ve also started exploring newborn “essentials.” Of those, it’s been recommended to get a Weego for the early weeks of carrying two babies at once. I’m also trying to figure out what they will sleep in! My last three kiddos spent a good portion of their first 3 months or so in a Rock n’ Play... but that was obviously before they were recalled! YIKES!

Oh, and I also bought maternity PJs as I realized I normally sleep in old tank tops that I boxed up and put in the closet.

Maternity Clothes:

I officially swapped my entire closet out, and am in all maternity clothes! Sure, there are some sweatshirts that are big enough that I kept on a rack, but otherwise, it feels far more comfortable to be in maternity clothes! Some of my workout pants still work just fine, though. I even had to get maternity scrub pants for work, hehe!

One thing I’d actually totally recommend is maternity underwear. They really feel so much better and less restrictive. I found these on Amazon and they were relatively inexpensive and are super comfortable, too!

I have to say, it’s super surreal that this will be my last pregnancy and last use of maternity clothes! I just got a shipment from Stitch Fix with maternity clothes (you may have seen my post with my new dress!) I’m so thankful they have such cute, comfortable, and afforadble pregnacy clothes! If you haven't tried Stitch Fix before, you can USE THIS LINK and get $25 off your Stitch Fix order!


I just finished another 21-day program with a mix of cardio and weights. I am continuing to modify as needed, avoiding core work, and using lighter weights than normal. I’m still swimming 1-2 days a week and cycling about 1 day per week. We take daily walks, typically (our dog is nuts without it). I also have added in some pregnancy specific core moves that are intended to help prevent diastasis recti and strengthen the pelvic floor.

If you don’t follow @goodfortheswole on Instagram, I’d highly recommend it (for pregnant and postpartum mamas!)

Best Moments:

Seeing the detailed ultrasound of the two babies. It really is remarkable to see their hearts, brains, and see them moving their arms and legs so early.

I also talked to my manager and she confirmed I can take 6 months off on maternity leave. I am thrilled!


Not a whole lot — although I’ve had a few headaches and because I don’t like taking anything during pregnancy, I miss being able to take something at times! Thankfully, this is few and far between.

Looking Forward To:

Feeling movement and our next ultrasound! My next OB appointment is next week and the week after we will have a structural scan with the maternal fetal medicine clinic. Twin pregnancy is SO different. I’ll be seen on average every 3 weeks with my OB (will become more frequent at 28 weeks) and at least monthly with the maternal fetal medicine specialist.