Babies Update:

Baby boy was approximately 1 pound at the last ultrasound (at 21ish weeks), and baby girl was just behind him at 15 ounces. According to my pregnancy app, this week, they are each the size of a grapefruit.

Weight Gain:

A little over 23 pounds, some days 24! I’ve read a ton of research saying that 24 pounds by 24 weeks significantly decreases the risk for preterm labor, and better pregnancy outcomes. I am SO thankful I’m right on track!


It is really fun to feel both of them moving! And because there are 2 of them, it feels constant! I noticed a ton when I am sitting or laying, but particularly the early hours of the morning — I hope this means they aren’t early risers, haha!


This past week, particularly, I have been more tired! And I had a WICKED calf cramp one night that was so bad I had to wake my husband to help me out, haha! I’ve had on/off slight leg cramps at night, but nothing like this one. It was BRUTAL. I’ve also had some weird dreams, even nightmares — sure hoping those don’t last the rest of the pregnancy, hehe!!

Cravings/Food Aversions:

Not much. I bought my kiddos some cookie dough ice cream awhile back, and on the nights I’m looking for a little treat I love to have a bite or two.

I’m also still obsessed with kettle corn (though this is certainly not a pregnancy thing, just a Shannon thing). And lately, pita chips and hummus have been my go afternoon snack to tide me over before dinner. Nothing too crazy!

Nothing really lately.


I purchased a used Weego, which I am incredibly excited about, because SO many twin mamas have said this is a must. I also got a used Twin Z Pillow that is another “must” in my Moms of Multiples Facebook group. The same Mom I purchased it from gave me a ton of baby clothes which I am incredibly grateful for!

Maternity Clothes:

I recently bought a few pair of maternity workout shorts (these are SO hard to find), but I LOVE LOVE the two that I got. The first pair was from Senita Athletics the second was from Amazon.

I also ordered a few workout tops from Amazon & Gap.

And totally outside of my comfort zone? I bought maternity overalls. Still not sure if they have officially made a comeback, but I did a poll on stories and almost 90% said to keep them! Majority rules, I guess! I found these at Motherhood Maternity. My husband doesn’t love them, but oh, well!

Best Moments:

Ultrasound/echo. Having Jameson kiss and hug my belly almost nightly. Doctor’s appointment — hearing her say everything looks great!


We had my in-laws over the other day and they ordered sushi... I was a bit envious, I’m not gonna lie.

And my husband opened a nice bottle of wine — a small part of me wished I could have a full glass. To be totally honest, I did have a teeny sip :)

Looking Forward To:

Hitting week 24… Viability for these sweet babies. Then, my next big goal and milestone is hitting week 28! Not looking forward to, however, my glucose test and my next OB visit (that drink is soooo sweet it always makes me feel nauseated!)