twin pregnancy week 25

Babies Update:

According to my pregnancy app, this week, they are each the size of a rutabaga!

My next growth scan isn’t for another week and a half, and I’m excited to see how they grow. I did have an ultrasound when I was nearly 24 weeks to recheck my cervix (all good there!), and the babies heart rates were going strong!

Weight Gain:

A little over 23 pounds still. It flattened out a bit these last 2 weeks despite eating the same, exercising the same, and honestly, eating kettle corn nearly every night this past week and a half (that or my Mom’s homemade hot fudge sauce on ice cream sundaes, haha!).


They move a TON! I notice it most at night while I’m laying down or early in the morning.

I’m sure they are moving a ton during the day, I’m usually so busy with my other 3 kiddos that, unless I’m sitting, I don’t notice it as much. Even my kiddos have been able to feel the kicks which has been pretty beautiful to witness the joy in their eyes when they realize they felt it!


GROIN PAIN — oh my!

Thankfully, after seeing my chiropractor twice (she adjusted my pelvis), this has been much improved. I assume it’s round ligament pain, but the adjustment seems to have made it better. I’m super cautious with quick movements or certain movements (side lunges, butterfly stretch) because, man, were those painful!!

Cravings/Food Aversions:

Still nothing too crazy. Still loving kettle corn (as always). Summer burgers have absolutely hit the spot for me when we’ve had them on occasion!

Nothing to mention.


I ended up buying a few newborn outfits — matching knotted gowns from Etsy. I also bought these cute little newborn hats on Etsy as well.

Maternity Clothes:

My sweet sister-in-law just gifted me some fall maternity clothes, as it sure is starting to feel more like Fall in the early morning hours. I’m thankful we are continuing to have BEAUTIFUL weather here in the Pacific Northwest, but I know the crisp fall air is rapidly approaching!

I’ve mentioned before that I use Stitch Fix, and was just notified a shipment is out for delivery — I’m looking forward to seeing what’s in it! I know one of them is a pair of Toms boots which I am pumped about being that it’s something I can re-use postpartum, too!!

I ended up buying another pair of those workout shorts I shared in my last blog from Amazon, as I loved them. It’s really nice having workout shorts as our basement has been hot this summer, and being pregnant with twins sure feels like I’m a human radiator these days!!


I mentioned a few weeks back that I was starting a brand new program that was 100 workouts long? Well, I’m nearly ⅓ of the way through (still hope I can finish before these babies arrive, hehe!).

The workouts are just 20-30 minutes/day, and I’m LOVING the program. There is so much variety, and despite being pregnant, nearly 25 pounds heavier and a big belly, I’m able to mostly do all of the moves (yet modifying as needed), and have seen changes in my arms and legs, even!

I skip the workout that’s strictly core, and continue to swim once a week and usually cycle (indoor) once a week. I love walking our dog daily, too… A time to unplug a bit and listen to some of my favorite podcasts or music.

If ya ever wanna join me in my workout program or group don’t hesitate to let me know!

Best Moments:

Reaching 24 weeks — VIABILITY! Reassurance that the babies are doing ok — that last ultrasound & feeling them move. I also love love when my oldest kiddo (Brooklyn, 4.5 years old) leans into my belly and just gently pats it, then looks up at me with a sweet smile on her face. MAN, is she going to be so good with the babies!


Not gonna lie, it’s been stressful these past two weeks, and I sure would have loved a single glass of wine. But I otherwise haven’t missed alcohol to be honest! Sushi still sounds amazing and a good ‘ol turkey sandwich sometimes sounds fantastic. I can wait for those, though!

Looking Forward To:

Anxiously awaiting my glucose tolerance test (had that today, and man, is that stuff sugary. Ick!). Also hoping my blood count and thyroid levels are still looking ok (if you remember I am on a very low dose of levothyroxine for hypothyroidism — something that only happens during pregnancy).

Looking forward to my next OB appointment Thursday (she always does an ultrasound), and really looking forward to the next Maternal Fetal Medicine ultrasound on Th Sept 5th, as, I can’t wait to see how the babies are growing!!