This past Saturday morning I asked my husband what he wanted for dinner. He said, "How about meatloaf?" My first thought was: I don't have the ingredients... and it'll probably take a long time. But then I remember I had made a delicious meatloaf recipe awhile back.

I pulled out the recipe and quickly jumped on Instacart and ordered the ingredients. P.S. If you haven't used Instacart you're totally missing out — my groceries were delivered to my doorstep within 2 hours!

After my groceries arrived, I threw together this quick meatloaf recipe in less than 10 minutes. I was even able to use up some homemade BBQ sauce I had made the weekend prior!

I placed the meatloaf in the CrockPot and, voila! Six hours later, we had an absolutely delicious, healthy recipe ready to go. And my husband LOVES it. Even the kiddos enjoyed it! I'd highly recommend making a large batch of the BBQ sauce so you can use it for other recipes. It's really the best BBQ sauce I've ever had!

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