“You’re going to do exercises you never knew you were capable of doing. You might fall short the first time. But this program is for the ones who don’t accept failure.” -Amoila Cesar

It’s been a long time since I’ve been this excited for a program — I know, I know — I say this every time, but they just keep getting better! Maybe it’s the fact that 6 Weeks of THE WORK speaks to me on so many levels!

  • High intensity
  • Trainer of professional athletes
  • 6 days/week
  • Only 45 minutes per workout
  • 36 unique workouts

It honestly sounds like my DREAM program and totally reminds me of my college soccer days!

And best of all? I’ve MET Amoila Cesar, the trainer of this program. 

I heard him speak to us at our quarterly event this past July in Seattle, and honestly, he is one of the most downright humble, hard-working people I’ve met! He seems to have a heart of gold, but don’t let that charming smile fool you — he will give you a serious butt kick, and in the best way possible. Tough love + killer workouts = incredible results.

I’ve included more info about Amolia later in this blog if you’re interested in his plethora of credentials! But for now, let’s just say he seriously knows fitness. 

I also got to sample a workout from him, and in 45 minutes, many had burned 1,000 calories. Seriously — Amoila didn’t want to stop the workout until someone hit that calorie goal, ha!. 

There was had variety. It was fun. It was challenging. And the time FLEW by!

Check out a couple of videos I got during our workout with him — as you can see, EVERYONE was loving it!

Will I be able to do 6 Weeks of THE WORK pregnant?

A friend asked me if I would be doing this before the twins come… well, the jury’s still out on that one. HA! I’m currently in the middle of another program, so I’ll be finishing that first. Then, I may try out the Fit Test (keep reading for more on that!) to see if I can handle this type of intensity in my 3rd trimester of a twin pregnancy. I’m not so sure I want to send myself into labor working out. Ha! Odds are, I’ll save it for postpartum, but we shall see!

As always, I’ll listen to my body and make the best decision for myself and my babies!

Saying that, you better believe this will be my go-to program to help me get back into shape once I’ve had these sweet babes. I’ll need that swift kick in the booty!

But, lucky for you, you can start right away and see incredible results by Thanksgiving because the program will be available SEPTEMBER 30TH!

LIMITED OPPORTUNITY: Join the Test Group Experience

This program is unlike any previous fitness program release — there has been no official program test group hosted by Beachbody. So, we’re going to fill that void. We’re hosting a team-wide Test Group! 

The goal of this group: level up and get extreme results!

Many Coaches on our team (and maybe you) have participated in Test Group opportunities through Beachbody before with programs like the 21 Day Fix, 80 Day Obsession, and Transform: 20. 

These test groups have been life changing for so many. WHY? 

Because as a test group member, you have a bigger sense of responsibility to go all-in with the program. To be the example for what the program can do — to get the BEST results possible.

You have that increased desire to follow the fitness program and it’s nutrition plan to a T. And what happens when people actually follow the program as it was designed? The results are MIND-BLOWING. 

Saying that, my team is looking for individuals who are ready to level up — those that are ready to have a strong mindset and hard work ethic as you participate in our FIRST EVER Test Group Experience. 

But let’s back up first and find out what 6 Weeks of THE WORK is all about before we commit to anything…

What is 6 Weeks of THE WORK?

This home fitness program is designed to help people get strong, lean & more agile. Umnm... yes, please! It’s designed to take your fitness to the next level. It will be intense. It will be challenging. It will push you to your limits.

To put it gently: this is definitely an ADVANCED level workout.

Amolia also created this program to help develop and strengthen your mental toughness — a trait that you can apply to many aspects of your life, not just these incredible workouts. He says, “[These workout plans are] meant to tap into your inner energy aiming to release your physical and psychological toughness.” (source)

Because of the intensity of the workouts, there’s actually a Fit Test that was created for this program to see if you’re ready! And, while this might not be for everyone, I have no doubt that those who choose to do this with me are going to see an amazing transformation!

Take a look at this sneak peek to get an idea of what I’m talking about… And a word of caution: the original filming of the program does have explicit language, if this isn’t your thing, fear not, there are clean versions of the workouts, too!

Now, let’s answer some of your questions...

So, who is this program for?

Unlike most of our other programs, 6 Weeks of THE WORK is not going to be for everyone — it’s for those with a high level of fitness looking to take their fitness, health, and performance to the next level. Amoila has adapted his training regimen for his professional athletes and celebrities to help men and women get results from home.

So who IS 6 Weeks of The Work for?

  • Consistent exercisers & athletes ready to level up and push their limits and extreme results.
  • Men and women ready to lean out, gain muscle and/or looking to drop their fat percentage.
  • Those looking for variety and a challenge.
  • Those looking for an intense, effective workout that can be done from home in less than an hour.
  • Someone looking for extra accountability and motivation from a bada$$ trainer and online health and fitness fit club.

It’s also the PERFECT program to do with your spouse/partner/significant other. My husband and I workout nearly every day together, and I have to tell you, he is pumped about this one!

Not sure this program is for you?

That’s what I’m here for! I am happy to help you navigate this program and figure out if this program is a good fit for you! Let’s chat — I will find out where you’re at on your fitness journey, what your goals are, and what you hope to get from this program! 

And if this isn’t your cup of tea or doesn’t seem like a good fit, we have so many other programs that I can help you find — HIIT training, strength training, yoga, pilates, and more. Just tap this link to get in touch with me! 

What type of training can I expect?

This program will incorporate functional training that combines compound lifts, agility, and mobility exercises. The workouts are designed so that you will not only look strong and feel strong, but that strength and movement positively impacts all areas of your life — keep up with your kiddos more easily, get out for hikes if you enjoy them, or simply carry in the groceries easier!

What equipment is required?

Details haven’t yet been entirely released, however, based on the promo video, you may need:

  • 3 sets of dumbbells (heavy, medium and light)
  • Resistance loops
  • Floor mat (optional, but I find it helpful for weighted floor exercises and core moves)
  • Pull up bar 

What will the 6 Weeks of THE WORK meal plan entail?

As soon as I know, you’ll know... the details of the nutrition plan have yet to be released. 

However, it’s safe to say it’ll likely incorporate 2B Mindset or Ultimate Portion Fix, two nutrition programs I love and are sustainable without ever feeling restrictive!

Can I get this program on DVD?

Nope! DVDs are a thing of the past when it comes to Beachbody programs — every workout is available on Beachbody on Demand! When you get access to 6 Weeks of THE WORK, you’ll also be gaining access to over 700+ other workouts. It’s the Netflix of Fitness, and I cannot tell you how much this has benefitted me as a busy, working Mom of 3 (and twins on the way!)

When will 6 Weeks of THE WORK be released?

The 6 weeks of THE WORK program will be available for purchase beginning September 30th. But given that this is an advanced program, it’s crucial you start preparing now. Preparation will be important to help you to be mentally and physically ready to officially begin — especially if you’re interested in the Test Group Experience.

My team has created a 3 Week Prep Challenge to set you up for success come Day 1 (October 7th) of this program and our Test Group experience. But, you’ll have to commit to being a part of the group to gain access! 

And Finally, Who is Amoila Cesar?

I told you I’d get to this question… okay. Amoila is new to Beachbody, but he’s been a favorite trainer for professional athletes (particularly for the NBA) and celebrities alike! 

Some of his dedicated clients include Jordan Clarkson, Elfrid Payton, Rodney Hood, Bobby Portos, and Jack Osbourne. Ladies, if you haven’t heard of these people, ask your husbands about these guys. Amoila is a BIG deal!

Amoila helped Julius Randle (LA Lakers) have an incredible transformation back in 2017. Heck, if I can get 1/10th of these results below (showing week 1, 3, and 5), I would be ecstatic!

Amoila received his Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science (with a minor in psychology) at the University of Central Florida. He is ACE (American Council on Exercise) & NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) certified. He’s also well trained and versed in various methods of training including certifications in TRX, strength and conditioning, and performance training. He also is a certified weight management specialist (NCCPT).

6 Weeks of THE WORK Test Group Experience: Everything You Need to Know

We know how Beachbody runs Test Groups, what information and support they provide, and the accountability necessary to achieve extreme results. And THAT is what we are going to do!

Aside from the usual daily workout, drinking your Shakeology, utilizing the Performance Line (Energize, Recover — yes, please!!) and checking into a group everyday, there will be strict requirements to participate. 

  • There will be homework assignments that will include before, during, and after photographs. 
  • You will do measurements at the beginning, middle, and end of the program.
  • And you’ll be asked to complete workout video diaries, nutrition plan video diaries, and complete written questionnaires. 

I know it might sound overwhelming, but it’s all intended to help you get that real Test Group experience — an experience of a lifetime, and help you get incredible results. 

In return, you will have ALL of our team’s experienced Test Group participants (from previous programs) in the group doing LIVE Q&A’s, prizes for participation, and maybe (just maybe) we'll have Amoila himself pop in!

NOTE: We will be adding all new customers through October 5th only for a group start date of October 7th.

Best of all for those that purchase a Challenge or Completion Pack during the month of September, you’ll be eligible for access to 6 Weeks of THE WORK for $10 — yes, $10! That means you’re access to workouts from a world-class professional athlete trainer and a nutrition program for just $0.28/workout — don’t think you can beat that! And to top it off, I’ll be throwing in an extra surprise gift, too!

6 Weeks of The Work Sale

Once you purchase any Challenge Pack, I will add you to our exclusive private Facebook Group where you will have access to ME as your Coach (as well as many other Coaches), our No Snooze Crew group workout link (where you can workout “live” with others), the prep calendar, and much more.

Just fill out the form below and I’ll help you choose your Challenge Pack and get you added into the group!

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6 Weeks of The Work Program Details