“It’s not about eliminating your favorite things, just doing it in the right way.”
Autumn Calabrese

So, recently I’ve been asked these type of questions more and more:

“What is the difference between the Ultimate Portion Fix and the 21 Day Fix meal plan?”

“I already use the Portion Fix containers, how is it different?”

Many of you (millions, in fact) have heard of, and/or have completed, the 21 Day Fix. Actually, it was the very first program I had ever done, and it was my first introduction to the cute little portion containers. But that program was released 5 years ago, and a lot can change in 5 years!

The Ultimate Portion Fix is here to TEACH (NOT TELL) you how to eat.

Over the last 5 years, there has been a tremendous evolution of the science behind the Portion Fix containers, and how to use them to improve your nutrition, performance, and overall health.

  • Yes, you will still use the exact same color-coded containers.
  • Yes, you will still utilize portion control.
  • Yes, you still get carbs and fats.
  • Yes, you’re still allowed and encouraged to indulge in occasional treats (and wine!)

But, you’ll also be equipped with BRAND NEW tools to help you learn to fuel your body based on your needs — and even get the whole family involved! Like…

  • 30+ educational videos to learn from
  • Workbook & daily logbook to keep you on track
  • Strategies to overcome those sugar/sweet cravings
  • Information for various dietary restrictions & preferences
  • Multiple plans available based on your preferred level of guidance
  • 102 brand new recipes in the FIXATE Volume 2 Cookbook
  • 75 healthy lunch ideas specifically for kids
  • And more!

The biggest difference from the 21 Day Fix meal plan?

Unlike the 21 Day Fix, the Ultimate Portion Fix program is built ENTIRELY around nutrition and exercise is OPTIONAL. Yep, you read that right!

The Ultimate Portion Fix is a nutrition-based program. It teaches you what and how much to eat to achieve a healthy, balanced diet in order to effectively lose and/or maintain weight. The goal is to get us to rethink how we eat, what we eat, and take control of our nutrition.

There are various paths you can take, all incorporating the containers:

1. Are you someone that prefers a little extra guidance and would love to know exactly WHAT to eat and WHEN to eat it?

There’s a plan that advises you in how frequently to eat and which containers to have at each meal (e.g. Breakfast: 1 protein, 1 carb, 1 fat, 1 fruit). But you’ll be able to choose which protein, which carb, which fat, which fruit!

This is a great option for those that have struggled with accidentally skipping meals (I get it, life gets busy), or those that just aren’t sure about things like what’s best to eat for breakfast or how much/what you should be eating as a midday snack, etc.

2. Are you someone that loves flexibility in your meal planning?

There is 2nd a plan that will tell you how many of each container to consumer daily (ex: 4 protein, 4 fruits, etc). But you get to choose which containers and how many of each you eat at each meal!

This is a great option for someone looking to lose weight, keep it off, and have more control over their meal plan!

3. Are you looking to drop a few pounds quickly, maybe for that spring break trip or wedding you’re headed to?

This is a carb cycling option that is intended to be used ONLY for the short-term.

The videos will dive deeper into the above options based on your goals. They will also explain why it’s important to balance your meals — that by eating whole foods and pairing macros together within each meal, you’re fueling your body so that you are more energized, improve your metabolism, have better blood sugar control, and more

This is designed for the long-term, not just 21 days.

The beautiful thing about this program (and the first two options above) is that it’s meant to be a lifestyle.

This is not a quick fix.
You won’t be starving yourself.
And it’s not a diet.

It’s designed to kick sugar cravings and reliance on processed foods.

One of the most common nutrition battles my challengers/customers face is: SUGAR!

“I crave sweets!”
“I just can’t kick my sugar cravings.”

We crave sugar when our bodies aren’t fueled properly. We crave sugar because ingredients in processed foods train our brains to crave more sugar. And this program helps us understand why we crave sugar and helps us learn how to fuel our bodies so we don’t crave processed sugars.

One of the other focuses of the program is on reducing processed foods — specifically processed sugars.

I’m not sure if you caught my blog on sugar, but it’s easy to forget how much sugar (and other not-so-good ingredients) are snuck into many processed foods.

Don’t get me wrong. I've got boxes of mac n’ cheese in the cabinet, too — it’s certainly Jameson’s favorite meal... really, he could eat in nightly! But the more I educate myself and learn, the more I am able to make smarter, healthier choices for myself and for my family.

Did you know that the American Heart Association recommends children ages 2-18 consume no more than 6 teaspoons of sugar a day (25 grams). Unfortunately, the average American Child is consuming FAR more than that.

amount of sugars in common foods

Image Source: Red Tricycle

It also addresses emotional aspects of eating.

Many of us have emotional battles with nutrition and eating. Maybe you eat when you are stressed? Maybe you eat when you are sad? Maybe you feel guilty after eating certain foods either because you think it’s “bad” for you, or because you’ve eaten too much? Maybe you’ve never had a positive self-image? The Ultimate Portion Fix aims to help change this and create a positive, healthy relationship with food!

Want even more of a focus on emotional eating? Take a peek at our 2nd nutrition-based program 2B Mindset.

You may add in exercise & adjust your meal plan based on your activity.

Although exercise isn’t required with the Ultimate Portion Fix, there is the option to add in exercise if you'd like.

If you plan to workout and DON'T already have a Beachbody On Demand Membership, Ultimate Portion Fix includes FREE access to 2 of Autumn's most popular workouts: 21 Day Fix & 21 Day Fix Extreme!

My main goal for my customers, for YOU — is that you get results and KEEP them. This is sustainable, and, all about creating life-long habits. Not a diet. Not a quick fix.

Want to learn a little more?
Check out my blog with more info about the program!

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