Can you believe it’s been 5+ years since the 21 Day Fix was launched?! The program was launched and influenced nearly ALL of the nutrition plans for Beachbody programs that came after — it was just so easy.

So, chances are, if you've tried any of Beachbody's fitness programs, you're familiar with the handy little portion containers!

You knew which food groups each container represented.
And you know how many of each container you should eat.
It was SIMPLE to follow... but maybe TOO simple?

The Portion Fix containers can work for everyone, but for some, it can still be hard to follow. The “simple” meal plan was maybe a little too simple in some areas. If you have dietary restrictions, things got confusing. If you had a goal other than losing weight, the rules were also a little less clear.

And that's why it's been expanded into a full stand-alone nutrition program called Portion Fix.

Portion Fix takes everything we know and love about the portion containers and that simple 21 Day Fix meal plan, and turns it into something 10x more effective! It educates us. It give . And it helps us lose even more weight and keep it off!

Portion Fix is here to TEACH (NOT TELL) you how to eat.

Over the last 5 years, there has been a tremendous evolution of the science behind the Portion Fix containers, and how to use them to improve your nutrition, performance, and overall health.

Yes, you'll still use those same color-coded containers you may be familiar with. But, you’ll also be equipped with BRAND NEW tools to help you learn to fuel your body based on your needs and dietary restrictions, like... 

  • 15+ educational videos to learn from
  • Workbook & daily logbook to keep you on track
  • Strategies to overcome those sugar/sweet cravings
  • Information for various dietary restrictions & preferences
  • Multiple plans available based on your preferred diet method including options like intermittent fast, carb cycling, timed nutrition
  • 300+ recipes included in the FIXATE cooking show
  • 102 brand new recipes in the FIXATE Volume 2 Cookbook
  • 75 healthy lunch ideas specifically for kids
  • And more!

There Are 3 Different "Rails" You Can Choose in Portion Fix

And within each of these rails, there are some different options to choose from... so ket's talk about it:

1. Fast Track To Fix

This is where you’ll discover the basics of the Portion Fix meal plan. You’ll learn about each of the containers, how to figure out your calorie bracket, what food you should be trying to eat more of and foods that you should limit. Remember, nothing is OFF-limits, but there are foods you should try to eat less of. 

You’ll also learn about my favorite: freebies! These are foods that don’t count toward your containers. Plus, substitutions, for example… didn’t use up that yellow container yet? Pour yourself a glass of wine and substitute it for a yellow!

2. Custom Fix

This is where the fun begins! Here, you’ll be able to choose from various “custom” meal plans…

  • Timed Nutrition: This plan advises you how frequently to eat and which containers to have at each meal (e.g. Breakfast: 1 protein, 1 carb, 1 fat, 1 fruit). But you’ll be able to choose which protein, which carb, which fat, which fruit!
  • Carb-Cycling: A short-term way to help you drop a few extra pounds quickly! You’ll alternate between periods of time where you can eat as you normally would on the Portion Fix plan, and days when you’ll follow the Carb Depletion plan.
  • Intermittent Fasting: A first for Beachbody, you’ll learn how to practice intermittent fasting in a healthy, sustainable way by eating in either an 8 or 12-hour period. 
  • Pre & Post-Natal: Whether you’re pregnant or breastfeeding, there is a specific plan to help you make sure you’re getting the proper nutrition to keep you and your baby healthy!
  • Vegan & Vegetarian: The Portion Fix food lists can get a little tricky when you’re following a vegan or vegetarian diet, that’s why there’s a special plan just for you!
  • Kids Fix: Yes — there’s even an option to help your kiddos eat a healthier more well-rounded diet! Because a diet consisting 100% of cereal and chicken nuggets might not be the best for your little ones’ health in the long-run. Ha!

I personally have been trying out the Intermittant Fasting plan and am loving it so far (and while breastfeeding, too)! You can check out my expereience with Intermittant Fasting & learn more about it here.

3. A Fix For Everything

Here is where you’ll discover the answers to all of your burning questions… things like:

  • How can I eat healthy when I’m out at a restaurant?
  • When is it okay to have alcohol?
  • What happens when I hit a plateau in my weight?
  • What if I’ve used up all my containers, but I’m still hungry?
  • How do you deal with cravings? 
  • And so many more!

Why Should You Try The Portion Fix Nutrition Program?

This nutrition plan is designed to be sustainable. It’s not a quick-fix, it’s not going to harm your body if you follow it for too long — it’s a program that will teach you concepts that you easily can implement every single day for the rest of your life!

You’ll eat a healthy balance of foods. It doesn’t cut out carbs completely or amp up your intake of fats. It helps provide your body with an ideal balance of macronutrients!

It will help kill your sugar addiction. Even if you don’t have a “sweet tooth,” most of us still have a sugar addiction. And that partially has to do with consuming processed foods which are filled with hidden sugars! (See my blog on sugars here.)

It’s designed with dietary restrictions in mind. Whether you have a specific dietary restriction due to health issues or just out or preference, you’re covered. Whether you’re vegan, vegetarian, pregnant, or breastfeeding this program will help you get the most from your nutrition.

The program is great for the WHOLE FAMILY. As a family with 3 kiddos, this has become so important to me! The program covers what and how much your kids should be eating without making them feel like you're putting them on a diet!

You’ll really LEARN how to eat right — not just be told what to eat. Something the 21 Day Fix nutrition plan was missing. This program teaches you the principles of the meal plan in a way that you’ll really understand. Because sometimes the key to doing things right is understanding WHY you’re doing them.

It’s easy to personalize for any goal. Whether you want to lose weight, maintain your weight, or bulk up, this nutrition plan is customizable based on your goals & activity level.

There are custom options to try. Been curious about intermittant fasting? There's an option to give it a try in a way that's healthy and safe. Have you hear the term carb cycling and wondered what it mean? Learn all about how to do it the right way to lose weight fast. 

Discover more about the difference between the Portion Fix vs 21 Day Fix meal plan here.

Want to Try It and Gain EXTRA Support?!

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