The goal? Progress, NOT perfection.

2B Mindset is Beachbody’s first program that is 100% focused on nutrition and does not require a workout component! It’s a program that teaches you how to lose weight without calorie counting or exercise.

The four words that come to mind when I think of this program are:

  1. Liberating
  2. Freeing
  3. Guilt-free
  4. Mindful

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you feel like you have a negative relationship with food?
  • Do you ever undereat or overeat?
  • Have you felt like you’ve been in a constant yo-yo with your weight?
  • Have you ever exercised simply to give yourself “permission” to eat certain foods with less guilt?
  • Are you sick of losing weight only to gain it back when you’re done with your “program” or “diet?”
  • Would you like to be able to eat food you enjoy, and still be able to get to a place where you feel confident and happy with your body and health?
  • Would you like to lose anywhere from 5–200+ pounds?!

If you said yes to any of these questions, then this program is for you!

2B Mindset Is Different, And It’s For Everyone!

This program is for anyone and everyone. And it will be LIFE changing.

The problem with most approaches to weight loss is that they’re short-term, quick-fix solutions. Many of them are diets that are restrictive, low-calorie, or low-fat. And in the end, they may end up helping you lose weight, but they also deprive your body of essential nutrients!

But this is different — it’s not a quick-fix.

There won’t be any HUGE changes that happen overnight. There are no pills or wraps or injections. There is no deprivation or starvation.

So what is 2B Mindset?

The goal is 2B Mindset is to make weight loss “simple, enjoyable, sustainable.”

Sound too good to be true? It’s not. You’ll feel full and satisfied each and every day. You’ll learn to take control of your food and body in a healthy way — a way in which you’ll felly happy and satisfied, and you’ll actually enjoy the food that you eat!

  • Learn how to create habits that will help you lose weight (if that is the goal) and then maintain your weight and health.
  • Discover why certain foods are essential for maximizing your metabolism and weight loss.
  • Take advantage of tips for increasing water intake and preparing vegetables, and fantastic recipe ideas!
  • Gain the tools to go to a dinner party, out to eat, go on vacation, a business trip and eat at home without fear or anxiety that you are going to “fall off the wagon.”

The creator of the program says, “Most importantly, I’ll help you shift your mindset, because a positive mindset means a positive and healthy weight loss, with no more emotional eating, no more mindless snacking, and no more punishing yourself for eating food you love.”

It’s mindful eating without feeling restricted!

How long is the program?

The program length is entirely up to you! It’s not just 21 days or 30 days — it’s the rest of your life. This program will teach you habits that become a lifestyle. There is no time limit on progress or health or happiness.

Does 2B Mindset require working out?

While this program does not include a specific fitness routine or even require any working out, it can be added if you wish! If you want to incorporate exercise into your everyday life, I can help you find the right program to support you with your goals. Just send me a message!

What is included with the program?

  • 21 short videos that teach the basic principles of the program including how to understand food groups, what to eat and when, Ilana’s proven secrets to a positive mindset, and real-life strategies to manage any situation surrounding food (vacation, business trips, restaurants, dinner parties, etc)
  • 15 recipe videos of Ilana’s favorites that are delicious (and time-saving!)
  • 5 videos that help address the most common challenges related to weight loss and establishing a healthier relationship with food
  • A recipe booklet
  • 2B Mindset water bottle
  • A 90-day journal to track meals, progress, and your experience
  • Food lists, grocery shopping lists, and more
  • Plus, 1:1 coaching from me
  • And access to my private health and accountability groups

Who is the brains behind this amazing program?



Ilana Muhlstein is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist who graduated from the University of Maryland and now has a private practice in Beverly Hills, CA as well as at UCLA! She and Beachbody co-created this program, and the results from the test group have been incredible (see some of them below!)

Ilana created this program because she herself struggled with her weight for many years starting in childhood. She and her family were told by a family physician that she needed to go on a “diet” at the age of 8!

As a result, she ended up going to weight-loss camp every summer growing up. Can you imagine what this must have been like?

She would lose weight at summer camp (typically about 30 pounds), but was on an excessive exercise regimen and restrictive diet. So, come school year, she would gain it all back (and then some), until she was at her heaviest weight as she entered high school!

She doesn’t want anyone to have to go through the emotional ups and downs that she did because of yo-yoing with her diet, and having an unhealthy relationship with food.

Enter 2B mindset that has already changed hundreds of lives in its test phase.

Is 2B Mindset right for you?

2B Mindset is for anyone who...

  • wants to lose weight, enjoy the weight loss process, and keep the weight off.
  • feels deprived when it comes to what they eat because they are following a certain “diet.”
  • gets overwhelmed by the various weight loss programs and products on the market.
  • suffers from junk-food cravings and find themselves snacking without realizing it
  • has a negative relationship with food. Have you ever had guilt over what you ate or thought you needed to exercise more as a result of what you ate?
  • considers themselves an “emotional eater.”
  • doesn’t like to exercise or can’t for any reason.
  • loves to exercise, but needs more guidance with nutrition to reach their goals.
  • has hit plateaus with weight despite exercise and want something different.
  • has tried many “diets” in the past and have been unsuccessful, or gained the weight back.

This program is for people of all ages, all stages of weight loss, and fitness levels! Take a look and see some of the results from the 2B Mindset Test Group!

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