My Personal Beachbody Core De Force Review and Results

When I first started this program, I was pretty skeptical. An MMA style workout, who was I kidding? This is so not me! I’ve never done any type of kickboxing style of workout before, and I’m not going to lie, it felt totally awkward throwing a punch! In fact, the first two workouts felt awkward. But thankfully, each workout includes a complimentary  5-7 minute “Learn It, Work It” video where they slow it down and walk you through each of the moves before diving into the real workout!


After I got the hang of the workout style, I fell in love with the Core De Force! As each day went on I felt more coordinated and was able to put more effort into every move. I was starting to feel so much stronger. And with all the punching and kicking, I felt like a total badass after those 30 minutes were up!


In addition to the daily total body workouts, there are 2 workouts specifically targeting the core (hello, abs!). One is just 5 minutes while the other is 15 minutes long. I felt a huge change in my stomach thanks to these two workouts!


And the nutrition plan? I loved that as well! The BBQ Chicken Pita Pizza from Core De Force is something I’ll be making on a regular basis. You definitely won’t be starving—this program allows you to eat a ton and with no calorie counting, just good ol’ portion control.


My goal for this program was to build strength, not to lose weight, but I was still shocked by the inches that I lost! Only 2 pounds down, but I lost 4.25 inches!


My Core De Force Personal Experience