My Personal Beachbody Shift Shop Review and Results

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect going into Shift Shop, I wanted a program that would push me. I wanted something that would help strengthen my core while maintaining my current weight. And this program definitely met those goals!


This was Chris Downing’s first program, I always look forward to working out with new trainers. But at the same time I get a little nervous, “Will I like him? Will his training and motivation style give me what I need to keep going?” The answer for both of those was YES! Chris knew just what to say at just the right time to keep me motivated!


Not only was he amazing, but the workouts were amazing! The agility style training took my back to my college soccer days. Just me, a set of agility markers, and my weights going to work! I used a yoga mat for some extra comfort for some of the workouts, but it’s not required.


Each day alternated between cardio and strength with an additional core workout that you add in twice a week. During the cardio workouts you’re definitely working—my heart rate was up the entire time, but never too high. I was working hard, but never felt pushed too far. And the strength workouts? I absolutely loved them, they felt like the time flew by because I was having so much fun!


The nutrition plan was easy to follow and allowed me to eat a ton of delicious food! The challenge with the Shift Shop meal plan is that it changes each week, but the color coded containers make it easy to keep up with the changes.


Looking at numbers, my Shift Shop results were too impressive, but by the end of week 3 I felt so much stronger and my core felt tight! I was lifting heavier weight and feeling so much better. Although I didn’t lose weight (and that wasn’t my goal), I did lose an inch from my hips and thighs!


My 3-Week Shift Shop Program Review